Orienteering (L'épreuve de l'orientation or simply L'orientation in French) is the first final challenge in Koh-Lanta since Bocas del Toro. It places the Final Four or the Final Five players in a jungle, where they must find a specific object (a dagger since Raja Ampat) in the neighboring jungle, only with a map and a compass.


Each castaway is given a map and a compass. The map points to three specific circled areas in the jungle, in which a landmark is located. In a certain radius of the landmark (usually 15 or 20 steps), is hidden a beacon, which shows a color and a number. The color corresponds to one of the eight possible directions (N, NW, W, SW, S, SE, E, NE) and has to be identified at the orienteering table at the starting point. The number indicates the number of steps in that given direction, where the object is located. The object can be hidden in tall grass, a tree, a rock, or even in plain sight.

Finding an object qualifies the contestant for the second final challenge, which is the Poles challenge. Once a contestant gets back to the starting point with its object, an air horn is used, to let the others know there's one less object to be found. Finishing first, second or third doesn't have any impact for the following challenge. The only thing that matters is to not be the one to be empty-handed at the end.

The one or two contestants that don't find their object are immediately eliminated and join the jury, but the jury knows the identity of the losers only right before the Final Tribal Council.


The challenge appeared in Bocas Del Toro in a different form than it currently is. The four contestants had to find a bottle in the sea, which contained a paper with a symbol written on it (cross, square, circle, triangle). Each contestant had to find a pole with that symbol and dig at its base to find a chest, and that chest contained a note, indicating that three paddles where hidden in the jungle "in front of them". Isabelle was very quick to find a paddle, and Delphine caught up quickly by following the piece of advice given my the note. Moussa found the third one, eliminating Antoine.

In Panama, the four contestants had to find one the three masks hidden on a small island (320,000 sq. ft), without any map or compass. This Orienteering challenge was the only time in history where the loser wasn't immediately eliminated, but only gave an Extra Vote penalty at the following Tribal Council, which meant the winner of the challenge could still have been voted out. But ultimately, Romuald, who lost the challenge, was still voted out unanimously.

Pacifique introduced the map and compass, the landmarks and the beacons. The compass could only be obtained after retrieving the map locked into a chest. The beacon, located in a 10-step radius from each landmark, indicated both the number of steps and the direction directly, without any color. Four seashells where hidden, and the first three contestants to find and return the seashells would qualify for the Poles. Francis would establish the record to find an object, taking only 20 minutes. Alexis, despite finding a landmark first, was unable to find its seashell, losing the challenge.

In Vanuatu, four mask sculptures were hidden directly around the landmarks, there was no beacon to find beforehand. Ludovic couldn't find any of the landmarks, and wasn't able to find a sculpture, which eliminated him.

Palawan's orienteering challenge was about finding four carved rocks. Beacons were reintroduced, and unlike the previous two seasons, the map and the compass were given simultaneously. The beacons were located, this time, in a 15-step radius from the landmarks. For the first and only time ever, that challenge took place over two days, as neither Maryline nor Simon managed to find their object before dusk. While Jade and Kevin were allowed to come back to the tribe's camp, Maryline and Simon had to spend the night on location. The following day, as a way to facilitate things, Denis allowed both candidates to start a step forward: Maryline, who found her landmark, was put at the corresponding beacon, while Simon, who didn't find anything, was put at the remaining landmark. Maryline found her carved rock first, qualifying her for the Poles.

In Caramoan, they had to find a small shield. Beacons were this time located in a 20-step radius around the landmarks. Frédéric equalled Francis' speed record in Pacifique, finding its object in 20 minutes (but the beacon was harder to find this time around). Nathalie was the only contestant to not find a shield, and was eliminated.

Le Retour des Héros was the first season that introduced the color system: from now on, the beacons would no longer directly give the direction but a color. The link between each color and direction could be found on a large map at the starting point (contestants were allowed memorize the correlation table). The castaways had to find a giant chestnut. The challenge was even harder as the four beacons were located in a 25-step radius around their respective landmark. Jade and Romuald already took part to orienteering in their own season, while Filomène and Jean-Bernard discovered this challenge. Jade, finishing first, became the first contestant to take part to the Poles challenge a second time. Jean-Bernard couldn't find a chestnut and was eliminated.

In Palau, the number of hidden objects in the jungle was reduced to three, meaning that the last two castaways battling for the last object will have to search in the same area, and someone will necessarily return empty handed. The contestants had to find a seashell, after retrieving a beacon located in a 25-step radius around each landmark. For the first time ever, a contestant, Christina, managed to find a seashell directly, without even finding a beacon, and finished first. Fabienne finished last.

Le Choc des Héros marked the first time where this challenge was disputed between the Final Five. Three seashells where hidden this time again (meaning three contestants would look out for the last seashell), and the radius around the landmarks was reduced to 20 steps. None of the contestants faced this challenge before, as Linda was a finalist before this challenge was introduced in the show. Linda and Coumba were eliminated, allowing the first all-male Final Three in the history of the show, between Freddy, Christophe and Grégoire.

Viêtnam's orienteering had the same rules as the previous season but came back to a Final Four. Each contestant had to retrieve one of the three hidden small statues. Véronique, the oldest contestant of the season, was eliminated.

Raja Ampat introduced daggers as being the objects to find. This time, there was no number on the beacon, only a color - the correlation table on the big map at the start would both give the direction and the number of steps to do. Teheiura was the first to find his dagger in only 40 minutes. Gérard finished second in 2 hours and Laurent managed to grab the last dagger after 3 hours and 40 minutes, eliminating Ella.

In La Revanche des Héros, the challenge was disputed between the Final Five. It returned to the "classic" rules by reintroducing the number on the beacon, and once again, the object to find was a dagger. The radius was reduced to 15 steps around the landmarks. Maud, despite being the only contestant in the Final Five to not have taken part to this challenge, finished first in 1 hour and 55 minutes. She was followed by Claude, who won Orienteering in Viêtnam, after 3 hours and 10 minutes. Bertrand completed the podium after 3 hours and 30 minutes. Coumba was once again eliminated at this stage, while Patrick, who came second in Palawan's Orienteering, was eliminated this time.

Malaisie used the same rules as La Revanche des Héros and was the first all-newcomers season to bring the Final Five in Orienteering. Philippe, after following Vanessa in her area in a strategic move, found the dagger before her, but quickly regretted his move and decided to give away his dagger to her, and wanted to find his own dagger "fair and square". Unfortunately for him, he couldn't find another dagger in time, eliminating him, alongside Bernard, who was way behind in the whole challenge.


Season Winner 2nd place 3rd place Eliminated
Koh-Lanta: Bocas del Toro
FRS3 isabelle t.png
Isabelle Seguin
FRS3 delphine t.png
Delphine Bano
FRS3 moussa t.png
Moussa Niangane
FRS3 antoine t.png
Antoine Sanchez
Koh-Lanta: Panama
FRS4 philippe t.png
Philippe Bordier
FRS4 linda t.png
Linda Alario
FRS4 raphael t.png
Raphaël Andrès
Koh-Lanta: Pacifique
FRS5 francis t.png
Francis Bordas
FRS5 mohamed t.png
Mohamed Derradji
FRS5 clemence t.png
Clémence Castel
FRS5 alexis t.png
Alexis Tournier
Koh-Lanta: Vanuatu
FRS6 sebastien t.png
Sébastien Roullé
FRS6 francoisdavid t.png
François-David Cardonnel
FRS6 emilie t.png
Émilie Frahi
FRS6 ludovic t.png
Ludovic Laresche
Koh-Lanta: Palawan
FRS7 kevin t.png
Kevin Cuoco
FRS7 jade t.png
Jade Handi
FRS7 maryline t.png
Maryline Hemelsdael
FRS7 simon t.png
Simon Quintilla
Koh-Lanta: Caramoan
FRS8 frederic t.png
Frédéric Pistel
FRS8 bertrand t.png
Bertrand Bolle
FRS8 christelle t.png
Christelle Gauzet
FRS8 nathalie t.png
Nathalie Ensargueix
Koh-Lanta: Le Retour des Héros
FRS9 jade t.png
Jade Handi
FRS9 filomene t.png
Filomène Mendonca
FRS9 romuald t.png
Romuald Lafite
FRS9 jeanbernard t.png
Jean-Bernard Hauton-Arnaud
Koh-Lanta: Palau
FRS10 christina t.png
Christina Chevry
FRS10 patrick t.png
Patrick Merle
FRS10 isabelle t.png
Isabelle Da Silva
FRS10 fabienne t.png
Fabienne Lefebvre-Trehoux
Koh-Lanta: Le Choc des Héros
FRS11 freddy t.png
Freddy Boucher
FRS11 christophe t.png
Christophe Guttatoro-Martin
FRS11 gregoire t.png
Grégoire Gorge
FRS11 coumba t.png
Coumba Baradji
FRS11 linda t.png
Linda Alario
Koh-Lanta: Viêtnam
FRS12 claude t.png
Claude Dartois
FRS12 philippe t.png
Philippe Duron
FRS12 wafa t.png
Wafa El Mejjad
FRS12 veronique t.png
Véronique Bègue
Koh-Lanta: Raja Ampat
FRS13 teheiura t.png
Teheiura Teahui
FRS13 gerard t.png
Gérard Urdampilleta
FRS13 laurent t.png
Laurent Maistret
FRS13 ella t.png
Ella Gbezan
Koh-Lanta: La Revanche des Héros
FRS14 maud t.png
Maud Garnier
FRS14 claude t.png
Claude Dartois
FRS14 bertrand t.png
Bertrand Bolle
FRS14 coumba t.png
Coumba Baradji
FRS14 patrick t.png
Patrick Merle
Koh-Lanta: Malaisie
FRS15 vanessa t.png
Vanessa Alvarez
FRS15 brice t.png
Brice Martinet
FRS15 ugo t.png
Ugo Lartiche
FRS15 philippe t.png
Philippe Bizet
FRS15 bernard t.png
Bernard Deniaud
Koh-Lanta: La Nouvelle Édition
FRS16 martin t.png
Martin Bazin
FRS16 laurent t.png
Laurent Maistret
FRS16 philippeb t.png
Philippe Bizet
FRS16 moundir t.png
Moundir Zoughari
Koh-Lanta: Johor
FRS17 chantal t.png
Chantal Ménard
FRS17 marc t.png
Marc Rambaud
FRS17 melissa t.png
Mélissa Bastin
FRS17 bruno t.png
Bruno Peisey
Koh-Lanta: Thaïlande
FRS18 pascal t.png
Pascal Salviani
FRS18 gabriel t.png
Gabriel Gubbels
FRS18 wendy t.png
Wendy Gervois
FRS18 cecilia t.png
Cécilia Siharaj
Koh-Lanta: L'Île au Trésor
FRS19 freddy t.png
Freddy Bolzer
FRS19 jesta t.png
Jesta Hillmann
FRS19 benoit t.png
Benoît Assadi
FRS19 bruno t.png
Bruno Troester
FRS19 candice t.png
Candice Boisson
Koh-Lanta: Cambodge
FRS20 clementine t.png
Clémentine Jullien
FRS20 vincent t.png
Vincent Roux
FRS20 frederic t.png
Frédéric Blancher
FRS20 mathilde t.png
Mathilde Chevalier
Koh-Lanta: Fidji
FRS21 tiffany t.png
Tiffany Gounin
FRS21 magalie t.png
Magalie Gustave
FRS21 andre t.png
André Deleplace
FRS21 sandrine t.png
Sandrine Dubourdy
Koh-Lanta: Le Combat des Héros
FRS22 jeremy t.png
Jérémy Raffin
FRS22 clemence t.png
Clémence Castel
FRS22 pascal t.png
Pascal Salviani
FRS22 javier t.png
Javier Rodriguez
Koh-Lanta: La Guerre des Chefs
FRS23 steeve t.png
Steeve Demana
FRS23 cindy t.png
Cindy Poumeyrol
FRS23 maud t.png
Maud Bamps
FRS23 aurelien t.png
Aurélien Soulimant
FRS23 clo t.png
Clo Dessard Arribas
Koh-Lanta: L'Île des Héros
FRS24 claude t.png
Claude Dartois
FRS24 ines t.png
Inès Loucif
FRS24 naoil t.png
Naoil Tita
FRS24 alexandra t.png
Alexandra Leveau
FRS24 moussa t.png
Moussa Niangane
Koh-Lanta Les 4 Terres.jpg
Koh-Lanta: Les 4 Terres
FRS25 loic t.png
Loïc Riowal
FRS25 brice t.png
Brice Petit
FRS25 alexandra t.png
Alexandra Pornet
FRS25 dorian t.png
Dorian Louvet
FRS25 lola t.png
Lola Labesse
Koh Lanta Les Armes Secrètes .jpg
Koh-Lanta: Les Armes Secrètes
FRS26 jonathan t.png
Jonathan Julien
FRS26 lucie t.png
Lucie Bertaud
FRS26 maxine t.png
Maxine Eouzan
FRS26 arnaud t.png
Arnaud Deshayes
FRS26 laure t.png
Laure Canevarolo


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