Operation Balance Build is a recurring challenge of Survivor. It debuted in One World, and has since reappeared in Blood vs. Water, and Millennials vs. Gen X.


The castaways have to attach a small wooden bowl to a prong at the end of a long pole to maneuver it through a metal structure. The structure is mounted on a spring in order to increase the difficulty. Once they have the piece through the structure, they have to sit it at the top. The first castaway to stack all their bowls on top each other, or have the most bowls stacked by the end of the time limit win.


In Survivor: One World, the challenge was used as the Final Immunity Challenge, where Kim Spradlin beat Chelsea Meissner, Christina Cha, and Sabrina Thompson to win immunity.

In Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the challenge was the first Redemption Island duel, between Candice Cody, Marissa Peterson, and Rupert Boneham. Candice and Rupert were close to finishing the duel when Rupert's stack toppled over. Candice cruised to finishing first, while Rupert was unable to recover, allowing Marissa to continue on.

In Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, the challenge was once again used the Final Immunity Challenge. After thirty minutes had elapsed, both Hannah Shapiro and Ken McNickle had ten bowls stacked. After a five-minute showdown, Ken managed to get seven bowls to Hannah's six, giving him the final immunity and a seat at the Final Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
One World
"Perception Is Not Always Reality"
Individual Immunity
(Final Immunity)
S24 kim t.png
Kim Spradlin
Blood vs. Water
"Rule in Chaos"
Duel S27 candice t.png
Candice Cody
S27 marissa t.png
Marissa Peterson
Millennials vs. Gen X
"I'm Going for a Million Bucks"
Individual Immunity
(Final Immunity)
S33 ken t.png
Ken McNickle



  • Even though three castaways have been in two seasons where this challenge occurred, none of them have ever competed in this challenge.


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