The Older Samburu Alliance was made to counter the Younger Samburu Alliance during Survivor: Africa.


Old vs Young

The alliance was formed by Carl Bilancione along with the other older members of the Samburu tribe by necessity because of the youngsters forming their own.

After losing their first Immunity Challenge, Samburu would be going to Tribal Council. At Tribal Council, a tie occurred when the alliance targeted Lindsey Richter while the younglings voted for Carl. At the tiebreaker, Lindsey narrowly beat out Carl, eliminating him. Linda Spencer soon followed at the next council when Samburu lost once again in a 4-3 vote.


After a surprising tribal swap occurred on Day 13, Teresa and Frank joined Boran along with Silas Gaither. The two quickly joined forces with the members of Boran and agreed to throw the challenge to get rid of Silas. After successfully losing, Frank and Teresa finally got their revenge when they helped Boran unanimously vote Silas out.

Joining Forces

After the ousting of enemy Lindsey Richter, the merge occurred. Despite the alliances initially being enemies, they joined forces, knowing they were in the minority against Boran. The alliance also joined the Boran Alliance in voting out physical threat Clarence Black at the first Tribal Council.


After Kelly Goldsmith joined them in voting Lex van den Berghe out, Brandon joined Lex instead as he couldn't trust Frank or Teresa. The alliance went down in flames as, after his betrayal, Brandon couldn't be trusted and was voted out in a 6-2 vote. Frank soon followed in a unanimous vote after he failed to win immunity. Despite only having two members of the alliance remaining, Teresa consistently tried convincing Kim Johnson and Big Tom to join Samburu in voting Lex out for his threatening status and strategic prowess. However, they didn't budge and Kim Powers left in a 4-2 vote. Teresa was then voted out unanimously after Lex won immunity, ceasing the alliance and ultimately leading to the extinction of the Samburu tribe at the merge.




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