The Older Airai Alliance was an alliance formed during Survivor: Micronesia by the older members of the pre tribe switched Airai.


The Older Fans

The three were initially part of the Airai tribe, but failed to be part of the core alliance of seven, leading them to align with each other.

When Airai lost their first Immunity Challenge on Day 6, Joel was not sure about alliance members Mary Sartain and Mikey Bortone. Eventually, he told the trio about his plan to blindside Mary and they joined him in voting her out at Tribal Council.

Knowing Chet lost the challenge for the tribe on Day 11, Tracy convinced Joel before Airai's second Tribal Council to vote out Mikey B., making the argument that he would betray him later on and that once Chet (who was the initial target) was eliminated, he would have no chance of eliminating him. At Tribal Council, Joel and Erik Reichenbach voted with the alliance to eliminate Mikey B.

Going To Opposite Sides

At the Day 13 Tribe Switch, Chet and Tracy moved over to Malakal while Kathy stayed at Airai. Chet was again seen as the weakest link after getting a piece of coral jabbed in his ankle from being dragged around by Joel in the Reward Challenge. However, Chet and Tracy were saved again when Cirie realized that after the two of them were gone, she'd probably be next. At Tribal Council, the alliance ended up voting with Cirie and the original Malakal tribe mates against Joel, eliminating him.

The Beginning of the End

On Day 17, Chet suffered an injury from the coral lodged in his foot and asked the tribe to vote him off. Tracy, along with Erik and Ami (who had agreed to vote against Ozzy), lobbied to Chet to stay in the game and blindside Ozzy Lusth. He agreed to think about it but eventually asked the tribe to vote against him after they lost the Immunity Challenge. At Tribal Council, Chet and Tracy voted for Erik as throwaway votes, but Chet was voted out in a 5-2 vote, leaving Tracy all alone on Malakal.

Two days later on Day 19, Kathy quit because she missed her family and didn't have any allies on the new Airai tribe, leaving Tracy as the sole member of the alliance.

Last Chance

Prior to Tribal Council on Day 20's lost, Ami hatched a plan to blindside Ozzy where she, Tracy, and Erik would vote for Ozzy, then convince Cirie and Amanda to vote for Erik, and have Ozzy still believe that they were voting out Tracy. This would ultimately leave Tracy with 1 vote, Erik with 2 votes, and Ozzy with 3 votes. However, this plan failed when Cirie and Amanda decided to stick with Ozzy and vote out Tracy. This made Ami and Erik decide to stick with the majority vote. As a result, Tracy was voted out in a 5-1 vote, officially disbanding the alliance.


  • This is the second "Older" alliance to be formed since the Older Samburu Alliance in Africa.
  • Despite not merging nor all three being placed on the same tribe post tribe switch, the alliance was still systematically eliminated due to Chet being voted out on Day 17, Kathy quitting on Day 19, and Tracy being voted out on Day 20.
  • Ami Cusack is the only Favorite to affiliate with the alliance.
  • Erik Reichenbach is the only Fan to affiliate with the alliance for more than two days.
    • He affiliated with them for five days.



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