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The Ogakor Alliance is an alliance from Survivor: The Australian Outback.


 Jerri Manthey
Days 19-27
S2 jerri t.png
 Amber Brkich
Remained Loyal
Days 19-33
S2 amber t.png
 Colby Donaldson
Days 19-27; 30-33
S2 colby t.png
 Keith Famie
Days 19-27; 30
S2 keith t.png
 Tina Wesson
Days 19-27; 30
S2 tina t.png


The Merger

The merge was announced on Day 19 after Michael Skupin's medical evacuation on Day 17. Jerri convinced the former Ogakor tribe to ally with each other to make it a 5-5 split between both tribes. After Keith won immunity, the alliance anticipated a deadlocked vote with the rival Kucha Alliance. To ensure Kucha wouldn't vote for someone with votes, Colby drew votes from them. At the following Tribal Council, the alliance voted against Jeff because of Tina's alleged information from Kimmi Kappenberg that he received two previous votes. At the re-vote, both alliances voted the same again forcing Jeff Probst to ask if either Jeff Varner or Colby had any votes. Because of his two previous votes from Debb Eaton and Kimmi, Jeff was forced to leave, successfully creating a majority at the next Tribal Council for a 5-4 vote.

The alliance targeted Alicia Calaway next for her physical capabilities and later voted her out in a predicted 5-4 vote.

Taking Down the Villainess

Fed up with Jerri conflicting with him with her antagonistic ways and feeling that the alliance could eliminate a member of their own, Keith suggested to Colby and Tina about voting for Jerri with Kucha. Though unsure at the time, Colby, Keith, and Tina voted with the remaining Kuchas against Jerri, blindsiding her in a 6-2 vote.

Pagonging Kucha

After successfully blindsiding Jerri, the alliance continued its dominance as they ousted Nick Brown next in a 4-2-1 vote on Day 30. Keeping the majority, the alliance took out loyal member Amber Brkich as they feared she would create a counter alliance with the remaining Kucha members in order to gain a new majority along with her under-the-radar strategy on Day 33.

Rival alliance member, Rodger Bingham, voluntarily told the Ogakors to vote him out next over his closest friend and ally, Elisabeth Filarski, as he wanted her to continue to play. The alliance honored his wish and voted out Rodger on Day 36 in a 3-2 vote. Elisabeth followed in a unanimous vote as she failed to win immunity.

The Final Three




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