Odette Blacklock is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2017).

One of the strongest women of her season, Odette drifted between alliances in order to stay in the game. However, once the initial majority alliance crumbled, she lost her most trusted allies, leaving her with little close allies left in the game. Eventually, the several alliances reached a stalemate, and they blindsided Odette to compromise.


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Age: 32
Occupation: Podiatrist
State: NSW
Tribe: Asaga

Odette is a podiatrist and health and fitness professional from Sydney, who pushes herself every day to be the hero she wants to be, for her son.

Growing up with an absent father, Odette was raised by her mother. She feels if she can get through what life has thrown at her so far, she can survive the island.

"My entire life has been a training ground. I have shown that despite the many challenges I have faced, I have been able to outwit, outlast and outplay them."

A representative sprinter in high school and a self-confessed fitness fanatic, Odette continues to follow her passion, competing in athletics and running events. In further pursuit of her love of fitness, she has become a personal trainer and pilates instructor. Odette's interest in human anatomy and physiology ignited her, and through determination, sacrifice and hard work she gained a Master's degree in Podiatric Medicine, attending university during the day and working as a fitness professional at night.

It was after conquering an endurance running competition in the hottest, driest place on earth – Death Valley in the US – that super-fit Odette decided her next challenge would be Australian Survivor.

"I have a moral compass and I intend to keep my integrity. Rather than lie, I would rather not say anything. Rather than cheat I would rather play hard and fair," she said.

"Being a mother helps me plan, lead, empathise, strategise and sometimes bribe. My medical training and knowledge about human physiology will help me to know what my body is capable of. My fitness training will help me in challenges. Being a personal trainer and pilates instructor will help me help others when they are struggling and hopefully bond us closer for the win."

Being a hero figure to her family is Odette's most important goal. She wants to show her son that his mother can achieve anything, even being Australia's next Sole Survivor.[1]

Australian Survivor

Though she had little screentime in the first several episodes, Odette confirmed later on that her strategy for most of the game was to go with the majority until she felt it was time to pick a side and make her own moves. This proved to be an effective strategy, as her background status as well as her athleticism made her a useful ally for some (such as Jacqui Patterson and Kent Nelson) and a low priority target for those outside of her alliance. Despite voting against Kent, Odette would become one of his main allies after he and the rest of the Asaga tribe blindsided Samantha Gash. A tribe swap gave Henry the opportunity to switch over to Samatau, leaving Jacqui, Kent, and Odette exposed, hoping for swing vote Sarah and new members Tara Pitt and Anneliese Wilson to side with them. Instead, Luke Toki convinced those swing votes to take out Jacqui and Kent.

Despite Odette being left in the minority, she still managed to get along with the rest of Asaga. A second tribe swap gave Odette a stronger position in the game with the arrival of AK Knight and Peter Conte. A.K. hoped that Odette and Sarah Tilleke would help him vote out Tara, who AK would have successful voted out on Samatau had it not been for the mock vote. Odette convinced AK he was safe, only to eliminate the strategist at the earliest opportunity. Odette would then be caught in a struggle for power between Luke Toki and Sarah. Any decision to commit would have been held up as the Tribal Council ended in a mutiny offer, which Peter took, cancelling the vote. Odette's strategy of playing both sides would soon catch up with her as Sarah offered Luke a stalemate in the hopes that they could vote out Odette. Odette was convinced by Luke and Jericho that Sarah was still the target. Instead, the tribe unanimously voted out Odette.

Voting History

Odette's Voting History
Episode Odette's
Voted Against
1 Kent;
2 Asaga Tribe Immune
3 Asaga Tribe Immune
4 Asaga Tribe Immune
5 Asaga Tribe Immune
6 Samantha -
7 Mark W. -
8 Asaga Tribe Immune
9 Sarah -
10 Michelle Luke
11 No Tribal Council2
12 AK -
13 Asaga Tribe Immune
14 No Vote3
15 Sarah Jericho, Luke,
Sarah, Tara
Voted Out, Day 34

^1 In "Episode 1", the vote ended with a 6-6 tie between Joan and Kent, forcing a revote. Odette did not change her vote on the revote.
^2 In "Episode 11", despite losing the Immunity Challenge, Asaga did not have to go to Tribal Council.
^3 In "Episode 14", rather than voting out a member of the tribe, Asaga was given the chance for one castaway to mutiny at Tribal Council.


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