Nova Maree Peris is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2019).

Labeled as bossy by Ross Clarke-Jones, Nova was a loyal member of the Sporty Seven Alliance. However, following Susie Maroney's blindside, Nova developed a sour attitude towards Abbey Holmes, who flipped on the Seven. Her undying loyalty towards Steven Bradbury, and her multiple arguments that caused her tribe to fracture, saw Luke Toki's alliance to target her instead of Steven, and blindside her at their third Tribal Council.


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Former Politician and Olympian, 48
There's not a lot of people who have as many monumental firsts in their life like Nova. She was the first Indigenous Australian as well as the first Territorian to win a Gold Medal for Hockey. She's the only person to ever make back to back Olympic finals in two different sports. And was the first Indigenous Australian to be elected to the Commonwealth Parliament."
Nova has also been awarded Young Australian of the Year and received a medal of the Order of Australia, making her Nova Peris OAM.
Now ready to take on Survivor, she is hoping her success in life will equal success on the island but is also ready for a new opportunity saying; "I've done most things in life and this is so off the grid from the modern world. My mother and grandparents are survivors and wanted to see if I can be one too."
Believing she's relentless, Nova thinks her mental strength and never give up attitude will also help her along the way. And it doesn't hurt to have a background in politics to know how to work with people.
"Of course, I think I can win. I have had to get along with people my whole life. My social skills are very good and I'm mentally tough. Nothing much phases me!"
Mum of four and grandmother to one, Nova is out there to win.[1]

Australian Survivor

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Voting History

Nova's Voting History
Episode Nova's
Voted Against
1 Anastasia -
2 Champions Tribe Immune
3 Janine -
4 Abbey Abbey, David, Janine,
Luke, Pia, Ross
Voted Out, Day 10


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