Noura Salman is a contestant on Survivor: Island of the Idols.


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Age: 36
Hometown: London / Bethesda, Maryland
Current residence: North Potomac, Maryland
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Hobbies: Working out, creating healthy foods and beverages in the kitchen, traveling, and social media posting on self-help, food, and fitness.
Pet peeves: People lacking personal hygiene and table manners. I also cannot stand or be friends with people who are selfish, self-absorbed, or stingy.
Three words to describe you: Ambitious, passionate, and energetic.
What accomplishment are you most proud of? Experiencing the world, living in many places, trying many jobs, careers, and businesses. Exploring many different people and relationships; going out on my own and making my own living and path best suited for me!
Who or what is your inspiration in life? My mom. She is the most generous, loving, thoughtful, hardworking, and humble person I know. She has always encouraged us to "be ourselves" and do what makes us happy. She struggled financially for 20 years and emotionally in her marriage to my dad, but still gave us the world—happily and gracefully.
What's one thing we wouldn't know from seeing a photo of you? I love frogs. I don't drink and have never done a drug or smoked a cigarette in my life.
Which Survivor contestant are you most like? Malcolm. Physically strong and great at puzzles and problem solving and genuinely liked by most people. And easy on the eyes. But underestimated with a low threat-factor like Fabio and Jud.
What's your primary motivation for being on Survivor? Finally use all of my talents, skills, and abilities and push myself to the highest physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual limits I've ever reached.
Why do you think you'll "survive" Survivor? I'm multidimensional and not just one thing or person. I'm the nerd, jock, and model with brains, brawn, and beauty. Most importantly, I have the social skills needed to both win and influence people, and relentless drive to go after what I want.[2]


Voting History

Noura's Voting History
Episode Noura's
Voted Against
1 Vokai Tribe Immune
2 Molly Molly
3 Vokai Tribe Immune
4 Vokai Tribe Immune
5 Ineligible1 -
6 Lairo Tribe Immune
7 Jack -2
8 Dan -
Jamal -
9 Aaron Individual Immunity

^1 In Plan Z, Noura wagered her vote at the Island of the Idols for an advantage. She lost the wager, making her ineligible to vote at the next Tribal Council she attended.
^2 In I Was Born at Night, but Not Last Night, Jamal used a Hidden Immunity Idol on Noura, but did not negate any votes against her.

Post Survivor


  • Noura is the first person to volunteer to go to the Island of the Idols, the first person to be offered an advantage other than a Hidden Immunity Idol, and the first person to be immune from the next Tribal Council after going to the Island of the Idols.


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