Not Sure Where I Stand is the thirteenth episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.


Night 28

Day 29

Day 30

Day 31

Day 32


Challenge: Second Chance
All 7 castaways will get a second chance to revisit some of the challenges from the past. First, they would race through a mud pit and into a haystack to find a ball & then use the ball to bounce off a shield and into a barrel. The first 4 to get their ball in their barrel move into the next round. For the second round, they must use a stick to retrieve a key, which will unlock a chest containing four sandbags. The first 2 people to get all of their sandbags on top of a barrel move on to the final round. For the final round, both castaways will use a paddle to dig up 3 rope rings. Once they have all 3 rings, they will attempt to toss the rings onto a shield. First person to get all 3 rings on the shield wins reward.
Reward: The winning castaway will leave camp and be taken to a private resort, including a shower, a meal, and a nice comfortable bed for a good night's sleep.
Winner: Chase Rice (shared with Holly Hoffman and Jane Bright)

Challenge: Money Box
The final 7 castaways will be attached to a hitching rail. Once Jeff says go, the castaways will maneuver over and under the hitching rail, releasing rope. When they think they have enough rope, they'll run out and try to reach for a bag. The first 3 people to get their bag move on to the final round where they must solve a gold coin puzzle. First person to get it right wins immunity.
Winner: Sash Lenahan

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 13:
S21 benry t.png
Benry (4 votes)
S21 chase t.pngS21 holly t.pngS21 jane t.pngS21 sash t.png
Chase, Holly, Jane, Sash
S21 fabio t.png
Fabio (2 votes)
S21 benry t.pngS21 dan t.png
Benry, Dan
S21 holly t.png
Holly (1 vote)
S21 fabio t.png
S21 benry bw.png
Benry Henry

Voting Confessionals

In the aired episode, no confessionals were shown. Dan did not say anything when he voted. Complete confessionals retrieved from CBS' YouTube account.[2]

(voting for Fabio) You can thank your boy Sash for this one. He's the one that had to break us up, man.

Benry Henry

(voting for Benry) Nothing personal at all. I love you to death and I hope we can spend some time together after the game.

Chase Rice

(voting for Holly) Time for you to go. Sorry.

Fabio Birza

(voting for Benry) We need to keep our alliance strong, and you're just too big of a physical threat.

Holly Hoffman

(voting for Benry) Ben, you're not who I really wanted out tonight, but I have to go with my alliance, and they thought you were the biggest threat. Just so you know, you were not my choice tonight.

Jane Bright

(voting for Benry) One of the best overall players still in the game. A huge physical threat. I'm sorry to see you go home.

Sash Lenahan

Final Words

I'm extremely surprised. I just got straight blindsided. Not what I was expecting coming into this Tribal Council. I'm definitely going to have to assess who masterminded this idea of sending Benry home. I guess the other six remaining members see me as a threat. And, uh, you know, I guess I gotta take that somewhat as a compliment.

Benry Henry

Still in the Running

S21 wendy bw.png
S21 shannon bw.png
 Jimmy J.
S21 jimmyj bw.png
 Jimmy T.
S21 jimmyt bw.png
S21 tyrone bw.png
 Kelly B.
S21 kellyb bw.png
S21 yve bw.png
S21 jill bw.png
S21 alina bw.png
S21 marty bw.png
S21 brenda bw.png
S21 naonka bw.png
S21 kellys bw.png
S21 benry bw.png
S21 chase t.png
S21 dan t.png
S21 fabio t.png
S21 holly t.png
S21 jane t.png
S21 sash t.png



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