The North Team was a tribe from Expedition Robinson 2000.

Despite winning the majority of the pre-merge competitions, the tribe was unable to win enough Immunity Challenges to enter the merge even with rival South Team. Their tribe color is green.


  • Arthu Csatho, 38, Stockholm.
  • Birgitta Andréasson, 47, Trelleborg.
  • Freddy Lund, 42, Åsa.
  • Johan Hellström, 36, Umeå.
  • Karin Flinck, 24, Stockholm.
  • Roxana Sundström, 28, Örebro.
  • Ulrika Teijler, 19, Frankrike.

Tribe History

This tribe struggled early on. The North Team lost their first Immunity Challenge to rival South Team. Afterwards, the tribe was faced with a difficult decision. Due to the voting format of Expedition Robinson reverting to the original format this season, as the losing tribe North was forced to vote out its own members. At the tribe's first Tribal Council Brigitta Andréasson was unanimously voted out by her tribemates in a 6-1 vote. With Brigitta gone the tribe had hoped to pull a comeback of sorts, however they found themselves at Tribal Council once again following yet another loss at the second Immunity Challenge. Back at camp, Ulrika Teijler made it known to her fellow tribemates that she felt she had had enough and asked to be the next one voted out.

Ulrika at the second Tribal Council.

At the second Tribal Council, Ulrika got her wish and became the second person voted out of the tribe in a 5-1 vote.

With only five members remaining, the North Team found themselves down but not out as they managed to win their first (possibly second) Reward Challenge. Following their victory at the Reward Challenge the North Team felt confident about their chances of finally winning immunity. Despite their best efforts, the North Team was beaten once again at the third Immunity Challenge. Though it wasn't broadcast, when the tribe returned to camp reportedly Karin Flinck asked to be voted out of the competition as she did not wish to play the strategic part of the game. When it came time for the third Tribal Council, Karin was sparred from playing more game being voted out in a 4-1 vote.

The Comeback

Following Karin's elimination, the tribe managed to rebound from their losing ways. For the first time this season the North Team was able to pull off a win in both a reward and an Immunity Challenge sending their rival South Team to their first Tribal Council. During this time Johan Hellström and Roxana Sundström grew closer and eventually would form a couple that would last during, and for some time after, the game.

Despite the South Team believing they were stronger following the elimination of Charlotta Flyckt, the North Team continued their comeback winning another reward and Immunity Challenge and sending South to their second consecutive Tribal Council.

Episode 6

At the next Reward Challenge the tribes found themselves at even numbers following the elimination of Buba Badije and ejection of Adnan Amedi from the South Team. The North Team managed to take advantage of their now even playing field and pulled off yet another win.

After winning five challenges in a row, the North Team finally saw their winning streak come to an end at the sixth and final tribal Immunity Challenge. Following their final defeat as a tribe, the remaining four members of the North Team scrambled to figure out who would be voted out. Knowing that Johan and Roxanna would likely not vote for each other, Arthur Csatho and Freddy Lund both vied to get them to vote for the other man. At Tribal Council, Freddy survived while Arthur became the final North Team member eliminated prior to the merge in a 3-1 vote.

Following Arthur's elimination, the remaining three North Team members merged with the South Team to form the Robinson tribe.



  • This tribe was the first to win more pre-merge challenges than the opposing tribe yet have less members reach the merge.
  • This tribe was the first to lose three Immunity Challenges in a row.
  • No member of this tribe ever won an individual challenge.
  • The members of this tribe that made the merge voted for the same person in every pre-merge Tribal Council.


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