North Team was a tribe from Expedition Robinson 1999.

Although originally comprised of only women, after the second round of competition, the tribe attained new members. Proving their dominance early on, the North Team won two of their three first challenges and managed to survive the first phase of the competition without losing a member. Initially dominant over their rivals the South Team, the new North Team struggled in the last few pre-merge challenges and failed to enter the merge even with South.




Post-Tribe Swap

Between Day 5 and 9, the four teams that have been split by gender were integrated into two new teams. The North and South teams were no longer the women tribes, but became the main ones through the absorption of the East and West teams. These castaways comprised the second revision of the North Team.

The tribes were initially split 8-6 with the North Team forming the smaller team. When Susanna Wahlberg was evacuated in episode 4 it was decided that one of the two previously voted out contestants would compete to become the sixth member of the North Team. Following the challenge the tribe appeared as follows

Tribe History

The Original North

In the tribes early days they proved to be quite the competitors. In the first Immunity Challenge they fiercely competed against their rivals the South Team. Both teams appeared to be neck and neck as they made their way through a multi-step obstacle course. Unfortunately, the North Team lost the challenge in the final stage as they were unable to free tribemate Mona Lundqvist from a sand pit before the South team freed Agneta Ekström and crossed the finish line. This loss did not prove costly to the North Team as there was no vote at the first Tribal Council due to the evacuation of East Team's Franz Schnabel.

NorthSouth Teams

The North and South Team watching as East and West compete at the first Immunity Challenge

Despite the tribe's unlucky finish at the first Immunity Challenge, they managed to claim victory at the first Reward Challenge as they managed to fill their egg box in a faster time than rival South. North continued their winning streak at the second Immunity Challenge. At the second Tribal Council both the winning North and West teams targeted contestants from their rival tribes as both Deniz Özen and Jenny Hägglöf received four votes respectively. A lot drawing determined that it would be Deniz that would be leaving the competition.

The Absorption


Johnny and Martin learn of the absorption

The morning after Deniz's elimination the remaining members of the East Team, Johnny and Martin, were absorbed into the North Team. With the elimination of the two all male tribes the remaining two were split 8-6 against the North Team's favor. Despite their number disadvantage the tribe managed to win their first Immunity Challenge and sent the new South Team to Tribal Council. Looking to take out some of the South Team's physical strength everyone voted for a former West Team member. Though all four South men received a vote it was Klas Granström that was voted out of the game by a 3-1-1-1 margin.

The North Team would feel its first loss the next day as Syrsa (Susanna) was injured in a scene not aired on SVT. Following Susanna's exit from the game it was determined that one of the two first boots of the season, Deniz or Klas, would return to the game as a member of the new North Team. The returnee was determined through a competition in which the two compete head to head against one another. Klas ultimately won the competition and a spot back in the game.


The first two voted out compete to join North

With Klas as a new member, the North Team continued to win challenges and sent South to its second Tribal Council in a row. The North Team seemed to switch course with its second vote as almost everyone in the tribe (aside from Klas who voted for Jerker) targeted one of the original South members.

Despite their best efforts, the North Team could not take advantage of the level playing field they'd managed to achieve and lost the last two pre-merge Immunity Challenges. Following their first loss Johnny found himself the overwhelming target of the South Team and was voted out in a 5-1 vote. At the North Team's second straight Tribal Council it was evident that the two younger North women were the targets of the South Team. Ultimately, it was Malou (Marie-Louise) that was voted out in a close 3-2-1 vote.

Sometime between Day 16 and 20 the remaining four members of the North Team merged with South and became the new Robinson tribe.



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