Nobag is the merged tribe of Fang and Kota from Survivor: Gabon. Its tribe color is blue.


 Bob Crowley
S17 bob t
 Charlie Herschel
S17 charlie t
 Corinne Kaplan
S17 corinne t
 Crystal Cox
S17 crystal t
 Ken Hoang
S17 ken t
 Matty Whitmore
S17 matty t
 Randy Bailey
S17 randy t
 Sugar Kiper
S17 sugar t
 Susie Smith
S17 susie t

Tribe History

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  • Nobag is the first and so far only merged tribe name derived from the season name (Nobag is "Gabon" spelled backwards).
    • However, it is the first merged tribe to have its name derived from a backward spelling. Enil Edam of Survivor: Caramoan is the second.
    • Revealed by Crystal Cox in an unaired scene, the contestants were originally going to name the merged tribe "Kotang" as a combination of the two original tribes Kota and Fang, until Ken Hoang came up with the name Nobag.
  • Formed on Day 27, Nobag is the shortest lasting merged tribe, lasting only 12 days.
  • Nobag is one of five merged tribes to enter the merge with half of the entire cast remaining, the other four are Chuay Jai, Chaboga Mogo, Dabu and Yin Yang.


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