No Longer Just a Game was the twelfth episode of Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Day 31

At Barramundi's camp, the tribe is just barely scraping by with the rice they received from Jeff. Meanwhile, Elisabeth is trying to manage in the game. She hopes to convince Colby, Keith, and Tina to vote out Amber, who has been despondent ever since Jerri was booted.

Day 32

The Reward Challenge is a jungle rope maze, and the winner will receive a dinner, an overnight stay, and a breakfast with cowboys at a nearby ranch. Amber has a strong showing, but she's no match for Colby, who wins quite easily. With other cowboys leading the way, Colby rides to his reward on horseback.

As the other tribe members head back to camp, a huge storm hits the area. They hope that the river hasn't overflowed. But they return to find that their fears have been realized: the camp has been flooded, and many supplies have been washed away. Rodger says it looked like a "small hurricane" came through. Amber and Elisabeth are in tears as they see the destruction.

Worst of all, the tribe finds that their jar of rice is missing. Tina and Keith go searching for the rice and find it floating in the river, caught under a log. Tina jumps in the water and swims to retrieve the canister. Keith then jumps into the water and Rodger throws a rope into the water to help them swim back to dry land. Oblivious to the chaos back at camp, Colby has a relaxing time on his reward. He enjoys a beer with Jeff Probst and then digs in for dinner and a restful night's sleep.

Day 33

The next morning, Colby is treated to peanut butter and jelly before finally heading back to camp. He returns to find the ruined camp. Colby tries to reassure his tribemates everything is fine, but he feels a bit guilty about being away at the reward while his tribemates suffered.

For the Immunity Challenge, each castaway must use a slingshot to break several hanging plates. Colby proves most adept with the slingshot and finishes off Elisabeth to win his third straight challenge.

At Tribal Council, the Barramundis recap the flood damage for Jeff and the jury. Rodger gets in a dig at Jerri by saying they should have built camp on higher ground like he suggested when the tribes merged.

The tribe then votes. For the first time, Colby is on a different page with his alliance mates, as he votes for Rodger, while Keith and Tina vote for Amber. Ultimately, it's Amber who gets the boot in a 4-2 decision. She becomes the fourth member of the jury.


Challenge: End of the Line
Each Survivor must follow a rope that will lead to 4 checkpoints. The Survivors will use 2 carabiners to traverse the rope course. One must be attached at all times. Survivors must clip onto a rope before they unclip to proceed through the race. The first Survivor to reach each checkpoint and cross the finish line first wins.

Reward: A horseback ride, food, Budweiser, and an overnight stay on a cot, followed by breakfast at an Outback Cowboy Camp.

Winner: Colby Donaldson

Challenge: Blue Plate Special
Each person has three plates with his or her name on them hanging from a tree. Using a slingshot with macadamia nuts as the ammunition, each Survivor must try to break everyone's plates before his or hers are entirely broken. The person with a plate still hanging at the end wins immunity.
Winner: Colby Donaldson

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
S2 amber t
Amber (4 votes)
S2 elisabeth tS2 keith tS2 rodger tS2 tina t
Elisabeth, Keith, Rodger, Tina
S2 rodger t
Rodger (2 votes)
S2 amber tS2 colby t
Amber, Colby
S2 amber bw
Amber Brkich

Voting Confessionals

Keith's vote was not revealed while giving his confessional. Tina's confessional is only available on DVD.

(voting for Amber) Amber, this is my toughest vote yet. It has to be done, and... that's all. Nothing personal.

Elisabeth Filarski

(voting for Amber) Amber... the only reason why you're getting this vote is because I feel like you've kind of flown under the radar, and you can get pretty far in the game by doing that, but you can't win. And when you have to ask every Tribal Council who we're voting for, that just goes to show that you're not really voting for yourself. So... I love you. Wish you well. But I gotta go.

Tina Wesson

(voting for Amber) Really a sweet girl. Very tough decision for me to make.

Rodger Bingham

(voting for Rodger) Rodger. Just, uh... sticking with the batting order.

Colby Donaldson

(voting for Rodger) Rodger, um... I just wanna thank you for all the comfort that you've brought into camp. It was like having a dad around. I'm going to hate to see you go. I'm gonna miss you a lot.

Amber Brkich

(voting for Amber) You're a really great person, and I hope someday my daughter can meet you and spend some time with you. But you're a tough competitor, and at this stage of the game, it's... it's hard to beat.

Keith Famie

Final Words

I don't hold anything against anybody. You guys were the best five people I could have spent my last couple of nights with. I'm actually kind of relieved. Those last couple of nights were really, really rough. I'm very proud of myself to make it this far, and I'm gonna be thinking about you guys a lot. You're gonna be in my prayers and thoughts. I will never, ever, ever, regret anything that's happened here.

Amber Brkich

Still in the Running

S2 debb bw
S2 kel bw
S2 maralyn bw
S2 mitchell bw
S2 kimmi bw
S2 michael bw
S2 jeff bw
S2 alicia bw
S2 jerri bw
S2 nick bw
S2 amber bw
S2 colby t
S2 elisabeth t
S2 keith t
S2 rodger t
S2 tina t


  • This is the first time the tribal camp got ransacked by a calamity.


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