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Nina Greteman Acosta is a contestant from Survivor: One World.


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Name (Age): Nina Acosta (51)
Tribe Designation: Salani
Current Residence: Clovis, Calif.
Occupation: Retired LAPD Officer
Personal Claim to Fame: Receiving a full ride basketball scholarship to Santa Clara University, finding the perfect husband and, of course, my kids.
Inspiration in Life: My mom – she was a feminist before it was acceptable. She taught me to be confident and encouraged me to pick sports over cheerleading.
Hobbies: Working out, cooking, gardening and target shooting.
Pet Peeves: I hate whining, being called a "girl" and rude drivers.
3 Words to Describe You: Tenacious, competitive and confident.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: Stephenie LaGrossa, because she was tough and stood up for herself, and Sue Hawk, because she spoke her mind.
Reason for Being on Survivor: I want to prove that a 50+ year-old woman can compete. I love challenges, both physical and mental. The money would also be a great help to my kids with college.
Why You Think You'll "Survive" Survivor: I thrive on being a team player; I have a never-quit attitude and I can deal with pain and discomfort.
Why You Think You Will Be the Sole Survivor: In 1991 and 1993 I competed for the S.W.A.T. Team. Both times the two week tryouts took place in Camp Pendleton and I was the only woman competing against 19 men. There were 40 S.W.A.T. officers judging the process. Neither the competitors nor the S.W.A.T. members wanted me there. I had to mentally, emotionally and physically challenge myself everyday.[1]


As the oldest member of the all-female Salani tribe, Nina was not seen as a person that was wanted by the majority Salani Alliance, consisting of Alicia Rosa, Chelsea Meissner, Kat Edorsson, Kim Spradlin, and Sabrina Thompson.

Nina bruised her face severely during the inaugural Immunity Challenge on Day 3, where the tribes had to jump off a high structure and land on a rope net. Salani lost the challenge when Kourtney Moon sustained an injury, breaking her wrist, resulting in Salani no long having the required numbers to complete the challenge, with immunity thus being awarded to the rival Manono tribe by default. Salani was sent to Tribal Council, but were not required to vote anyone out when Kourtney's injury resulted in her medical evacuation.

At the second Immunity Challenge on Day 5, Salani miserably lost in large part to Kat's unnecessary jumping off the balance beam, much to Nina's chagrin. Nina was displeased by Kat's dismal performance and apparent immaturity and called the tribe "witless". At Tribal Council, Nina told the tribe that she was physically apt for challenges, and called Kat out for her lack of life experiences. Despite her attempt to sway the vote against Kat, Nina became the second Salani member to leave the game after a 6-1-1 vote.

Voting History

Nina's Voting History
Episode Nina's
Voted Against
1 No Vote
2 Kat Alicia, Chelsea, Christina,
Kat, Kim, Sabrina
Voted Out, Day 5


  • Nina appeared on The Ricki Lake Show on October 3, 2012; the show was dedicated to the topic of women working in male-dominated jobs.


  • Nina is the oldest female castaway on One World and second oldest overall behind Tarzan Smith.
  • Nina is the second castaway to be the first voted out while not being the first to be eliminated from the game (following Jolanda Jones in Palau), due to Kourtney Moon's medical evacuation. She would be followed by Laura Boneham in Blood vs. Water and Jessica Peet in David vs. Goliath.
  • Nina is the only castaway to be voted out of the Salani tribe.
  • Nina is the second player to be voted out on Day 5, following Matt Elrod. She is also the first person to be the first one voted out and last longer than three days without going to Redemption Island or becoming part of the Outcasts twist.
  • Nina is the first player to be the first person voted out of a season and not be voted out in the first episode. She would be followed by Jessica Peet.
  • Nina is the only person to be voted out first and place 17th.


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