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Nico Hinis is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Panama.


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You got to throw away a winning hand to win at a losing hand

Age: 43
Star sign: Aquarius
Residence: Parkhurst, Johannesburg
Occupation: Restauranteur
Nico is an eccentric restaurant owner and chef with a penchant for espressos and cigarettes; he's also a bit of a prankster with a temperamental streak.
What you should know about him: Nico is eccentric and unconventional but a great family man. He smokes like a chimney and is an excellent chef that loves his luxuries.
Describes himself as: Deliriously happy, confident, helpful and a bit of a prankster.
Worst qualities: 'I'm temperamental and get sulky if things don't go my way.'
Why will you win Survivor? "I will treat it like a poker game, you got to throw away a winning hand to win at a losing hand. You've got to be a step ahead and lie low. The one who's talking is not listening."
Why did you enter Survivor? 'I'm only home one night a week - a Tuesday - and I've followed 'Survivor' for many years - I find the challenges and isolation interesting, but most importantly, that the jury pick the winner, so just when you thought you had an ally they can turn their back on you.'
What are the comforts you'll miss the most? 'My toilet! It's a comfortable environment - sandblasted door, TV... I have an ashtray and cigarettes, toilet paper holder the width of an espresso cup, a skylight to know time of day and a telephone. I have a rack with Playboy magazines. I'll miss it a lot.'
If you win, what would you do with a million rand? 'It's been spent already -Tracy at Porsche SA will get me one with OPM (Other People's Money) - I'll spend it on a Porsche GT3.'[2]

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Nico's Voting History
Episode Nico's
Voted Against
1 Aguila Tribe Immune
2 Sam -
3 No Elimination1
4 Aguila Tribe Immune
5 Aguila Tribe Immune
6 Danielle Danielle, Penalty
7 Brigitte Brigitte,
Mzi, Vanessa
Voted Out, Day 16

^1 In Episode 3, despite Jude's quit, Aguila still attended Tribal Council. The person who received the most votes would receive one vote at their next Tribal Council. Nico received enough votes to attain this status.




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