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Nicholas "Nick" Stanbury is a contestant from Survivor: Panama.

Unlike his fellow contestants, Nick was a much quieter contestant. After the tribe switch, he was a member of a stable all-male tribe and was in a good position to reach the merge. Unfortunately for him, his tribe, La Mina, entered the merge in the minority, and when primary target Terry Deitz won immunity, Nick was voted out for being the biggest threat.


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Nick Stanbury grew up in Riverton, Wyoming. He attended his freshman year of college at Montana State University in Bozeman. He transferred to Arizona State University his sophomore year and eventually received concurrent Bachelor of Science degrees in finance and supply chain management.

Stanbury is currently working as a waiter while he awaits word on his law school applications. In law school, he wants to study international and natural resources law, which he hopes will provide many different opportunities to see more of the world. He previously worked in radio sales and as an Operations Analyst at Parker Aerospace.

Stanbury's hobbies include basketball, golf, fly fishing, surfing, reading and traveling. He describes himself as curious, loving and overly analytical. He is proudest of his family, especially his sister Natasha and his boys in Tempe, who never cease to amaze him. He feels he'll be the Sole Survivor because of his willingness to try anything and his enjoyment of the learning that comes with both success and failure. He wants to be on Survivor so he can travel, learn about himself in a difficult situation and meet smart, beautiful women.

Stanbury is currently single and residing in Tempe, Arizona. His birth date is July 21, 1980.[1]


Nick started the game on the Viveros tribe consisting of younger men. At the first Reward Challenge of the season, his tribe managed to win fire in the form of flint. When the tribe reached their camp, he made strong connections with all his tribe mates. Viveros narrowly beat out Casaya in the first Immunity Challenge, keeping Nick safe from Tribal Council.

After the Day 4 Tribe Switch, Nick moved to La Mina along with ally Austin Carty. He quickly formed an alliance with original La Mina members Dan Barry and Terry Deitz. His alliance was not tested though since La Mina continued their winning streak by winning the following Reward and Immunity Challenges.

On Day 7, Nick enjoyed the comfort that came with winning the Reward Challenge. At the Immunity Challenge, La Mina's winning streak ended when Casaya won immunity. Nick and his closest ally Austin talked to Misty Giles and Sally Schumann about voting out the tribes weakest member, Ruth Marie Milliman. The men agreed to the alliance, unaware that Dan and Terry had made an alliance with Ruth Marie. Eventually Dan and Terry convinced Nick and Austin to vote for Misty since she was the biggest strategic threat, so Misty was voted out at La Mina's first Tribal Council. La Mina lost the next Reward Challenge followed by the next Immunity Challenge. Nick and his alliance deemed Ruth Marie to be too much of a physical liability and although they had an alliance, she was voted out at the next Tribal Council.

La Mina lost again at Day 12 Reward Challenge, but was able to make a comeback from their losing streak and ended up winning the next Immunity Challenge. After winning the combined Reward and Immunity Challenge on Day 15, Casaya won the right to choose a member from La Mina to send to Exile Island, thus becoming safe at the Tribal Council. Sally, who was the alliance's next target, was selected, thus making the majority alliance turn on itself. Nick and Austin voted for Dan since he was the weakest remaining member of the tribe and after convincing Terry to do the same, Dan was voted out.

After the tribes merged into the Gitanos tribe on Day 16, Nick was in the minority. He revealed that his Survivor dream was to make the jury. His head was on the chopping block because he was a large physical threat. After trying his hardest at the first individual Immunity Challenge he was narrowly beat out by Terry. The Casaya Alliance was split between voting out Nick and Austin. Despite Austin revealing his strategy to appear weak at the Immunity Challenge, Nick was voted out that night, narrowly missing out on fulfilling his dream of making the jury.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Viveros Skull Crush Reward Yes 2nd
4x4 Immunity No 3rd
Switched Tribes, Day 4
2 La Mina A Reptile Dysfunction Reward No Won
Anchor Management Immunity No Won
3 Cross Fire Reward No Won
Battle Dig Immunity No Lost
4 Puzzle Paranoia Reward No Lost
Sea Level, Tree Level Immunity No Lost
5 For Cod's Sake Reward No Lost
Buried at Sea Immunity No Won
6 In-Cog-Neato Reward/Immunity No Lost
Tribes Merged, Day 16
8 Gitanos Vampire Bats Immunity Lost
Voted Out, Day 18

Episode Nick's
Voted Against
1 Viveros Tribe Immune
2 La Mina Tribe Immune
3 Misty -
4 Ruth Marie -
5 La Mina Tribe Immune
6 Dan -
8 Shane Aras, Bruce, Cirie,
Courtney, Danielle, Shane
Voted Out, Day 18


  • On January 9, 2010, Nick attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.
  • Since March 2020, Nick has been a spine specialist for Globus Medical.[2]



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