New School is a recurring challenge in Survivor. First appearing in Survivor: Kaôh Rōng, it has since reappeared in Game Changers and Winners at War.


Tribes must send a number of members to swim out and untie a net with 14 fish puzzle pieces. After taking the net back to the shore, they must untie the puzzle pieces from the net and hang them onto hooks, then carry the log with the hooks to a puzzle station, where the last two tribe members would use the puzzle pieces to complete a puzzle. The first tribe to complete their puzzle wins.

In Kaôh Rōng, the swimmers started on the beach and the puzzle was divided into two layers, one stacked on top of the other. In Game Changers and Winners at War, the swimmers started on a pontoon in the ocean and the puzzle was divided into two parts, separated into different trays.


The challenge first appeared in Kaôh Rōng as a tribal Immunity Challenge. Each tribe must send out two members to swim and collect the net with puzzle pieces. Two members would then hang the puzzle pieces onto hooks, then transport them to the last two members to solve the puzzle. Although the tribes were relatively even throughout the challenge, Chan Loh pulled ahead at the puzzle to win immunity, sending Gondol to Tribal Council.

The challenge re-appeared in Game Changers as a post-merge Reward Challenge, with the same divisions as Kaôh Rōng, but with a different starting position for the swimmers, as well as a slightly altered puzzle. Though both teams made critical errors that saw them give up the lead to the opposing team, it was the blue team of Andrea Boehlke, Debbie Wanner, Ozzy Lusth, Tai Trang, Troyzan Robertson, and Zeke Smith who finished the puzzle first to win reward.

In Winners at War, the challenge was again used as a post-merge Reward Challenge. Divided into two teams of five, three members would swim out to retrieve the net, then hang the fish puzzle pieces onto hooks before bringing them to the puzzle solvers. Denise Stapley was not picked for either team and had no shot at reward. The blue team of Ben Driebergen, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe, Michele Fitzgerald, Sarah Lacina, and Sophie Clarke held a slight lead heading into the puzzle, which ultimately allowed them to finish first and win reward.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Kaôh Rōng
"The Devils We Know"
Tribal Immunity S32 cydney tS32 debbie tS32 jason t
S32 michele tS32 neal tS32 nick t
Chan Loh
Game Changers
"There's a New Sheriff in Town"
Team Reward S34 andrea tS34 debbie tS34 ozzy t
S34 tai tS34 troyzan tS34 zeke t
Andrea, Debbie, Ozzy, Tai, Troyzan, & Zeke
Winners at War
"War Is Not Pretty"
Team Reward S40 ben tS40 kim t
S40 michele tS40 sarah tS40 sophie t
Ben, Kim, Michele, Sarah, & Sophie




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