Ncumisa Ngcaweni is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Panama.


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I don't know if I could lie convincingly

Age: 30
Star sign: Aquarius
Residence: Kenilworth, Cape Town.
Occupation: Skills Trainer
An Aquarius from Kenilworth, Ncumisa is a people's person who doesn't know if she can lie convincingly, but knows she's no push-over.
What you should know about her: She would like to change peoples' lives for the better and is connected with a number of projects aiding teenagers and young people.
Describes herself as: Friendly and a people's person but no push-over.
Her worst qualities? She is a little stubborn and likes to do things her way.
What would she take to the island? Lip balm
Why could you win Survivor? 'I don't know if I could lie convincingly so if someone asked me if I had an alliance with someone, I couldn't lie. However, if I made it through to the Top 2 I'd hope I hadn't hacked people off too much and they'd vote for me.'
Why did you enter Survivor? 'I'm a fan, and years ago I said if they have one I'd enter. I thought it would be fun, an adventure, and something I'd never get a chance to do again.'
What is your winning strategy for staying on the island? 'I don't have one. I'll take each day as it comes and remain positive throughout.'
How do you deal with manipulative people? 'Hopefully, I won't allow myself to get manipulated. If they lie, I hope I can discern. I think people with strategies might not hold up in that environment. The true people will come out.'
You're on an island with nothing - what would be your first reward request? 'What would be nice is for them to build a bathroom and proper toilet ‧ not sure how I feel about this whole long drop thing... I'll miss people the most while I'm there ‧ that and my bed!'[2]

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Ncumisa's Voting History
Episode Ncumisa's
Voted Against
1 Danielle -
2 Rana Tribe Immune
3 Rana Tribe Immune
4 Danielle Danielle, Gareth,
Jacinda, Lezel
Voted Out, Day 10



  • Ncumisa is the first female to be voted out on Survivor South Africa.


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