The Naviti Alliance is an alliance formed in Survivor: Ghost Island.


 Bradley Kleihege
Days 7-19
S36 bradley t.png
 Kellyn Bechtold
Days 7-35
S36 kellyn t.png
 Angela Perkins
Remained Loyal
Days 7-38
S36 angela t.png
 Chelsea Townsend
Remained Loyal
Days 7-32
S36 chelsea t.png
 Desiree Afuye
Days 7-27
S36 desiree t.png
 Domenick Abbate
Days 15-32
S36 domenick t.png
 Sebastian Noel
Days 7-32
S36 sebastian t.png
 Wendell Holland
Days 20-32
S36 wendell t.png


Naviti Strong

Naviti won the first two Immunity Challenges putting them in the majority. They remained in the majority after the Tribe Switch. On the new Malolo tribe, the original Naviti members particularly Kellyn Bechtold wanted to stay loyal to Naviti and take out Malolo.

Close Call

On the new Naviti tribe, original Naviti's Domenick Abbate and Chris Noble targeted each other. When Naviti lost the Immunity Challenge on Day 9 Chris was sent to Ghost Island via rock draw thwarting Domenick's plan of getting him out. Domenick, Wendell, and original Naviti Morgan Ricke wanted to target original Naviti Angela Perkins due to her association with Chris. They voted for her at Tribal Council, but she narrowly escaped elimination due to the four original Malolo's voting out Morgan.

Alliance in the Majority

When Malolo lost immunity on Day 12, the original Malolo's wanted to target original Naviti Bradley Kleihege for his arrogance, while the original Naviti's contemplated on taking out either former Malolo's Brendan Shapiro or Michael Yerger. At Tribal Council, Michael played his Hidden Immunity Idol on his fellow original Malolo Stephanie Johnson , but this was fatal as the Naviti's targeted Brendan sending him out 5-4 over Bradley. At the following Tribal Council, Michael and original Malolo Jenna Bowman joined Naviti in unanimously voting out Stephanie

Post-Second Swap Success

Following the second switch, the original Naviti's found themselves in the majority in all three tribes. When Malolo lost immunity the original Naviti's targeted original Malolo James Lim , though Angela considered flipping as she felt betrayed by her original tribe. However, at Tribal Council Angela didn't flip and James was voted out unanimously with even Michael voting against him.

Cracks in the Alliance

On the new Naviti tribe, Bradley's arrogance and condescending comments offended the rest of the tribe particularly Domenick. Domenick considered targeting Bradley due to his comments.

Attack on Each Other

When Naviti lost the final pre-merge Immunity Challenge Bradley wanted original Malolo Libby Vincek out, but Domenick and Chelsea considered taking out Bradley due to his attitude. At Tribal Council, Domenick and Chelsea turned on Bradley and unanimously voted him out of the game with the help of Libby and Donathan.

Post-Merge Success

When the merged occurred, the original Naviti's had an 8-5 numerical advantage over the original Malolo's. At the merged Tribal Council, Domenick rallied almost everyone else to take out Chris. At the following Tribal Council, the alliance along with original Malolo's Donathan Hurley, Laurel Johnson, and Jenna targeted Michael but split their votes between Michael and Libby in case Michael had an idol, and Libby was voted out after Michael played his idol.

Attempted Coup

The following morning original Naviti Desiree Afuye talked to the original Malolo's about bringing in her fellow Naviti Chelsea Townsend to over throw Naviti. However, Laurel ratted on her to Domenick, and he in turn told Kellyn After the Immunity Challenge, Kellyn confronted Desiree about turning on them which she denied. She continued to deny even at Tribal Council. However, her lie came back to bite her as she was send out 8-2.

Sticking with the Plan

After arriving for the next Immunity Challenge, host Jeff Probst told them they would be separated into two temporary teams of five, each of which would attend Tribal Council.

At the first Tribal Council, Jenna was voted out 3-1-0, with Donathan negating one vote against himself.

At the second Tribal Council, Domenick and Wendell voted for Michael, while Kellyn used her Extra Vote advantage to put two votes on Laurel, resulting in a 2-2-1-1 tie. Michael was voted out unanimously at the revote.

The Girls Unite

When Sebastian Noel won the Loved Ones Challenge, Wendell sent himself to Ghost Island, while Sebastian chose to share the reward with the other men. At camp, the women especially Kellyn were angry at the guys for getting the reward, and Kellyn proposed an all girls alliance and that they target Domenick. Domenick however, won immunity. At camp, the Naviti men plotted to take out Chelsea for her challenge prowess while the Naviti women planned to take out Wendell

Malolo in the Middle

With the males and female Naviti members going after each other Donathan and Laurel found themselves as the swing votes. While Laurel was working with Domenick and Wendell, she knew she couldn't beat them in the end. At Tribal Council, Donathan and Laurel sided with Domenick and Wendell which resulted in Chelsea's elimination. 


Following Donathan and Laurel disagreeing on whether to usurp Domenick and Wendell, Kellyn was deemed the next to go. While Donathan did attempt to target Domenick later on, it failed as the rest of the tribe split their votes on him and Kellyn, enforcing a 3-3 tie and eventually voting out the latter.




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