Nathan Castle is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Island of Secrets.

Despite an early injury, Nathan's genuine friendships, most notably with Rob Bentele, saw him as a valued member of the Amigos Alliance on Sa'ula. Despite his alliance being split up during the Tribe Swap, this allowed Nathan to have connections on all tribes, and was seemingly destined to make merge. However, his strong social ties caused him to be perceived as a threat, and was eliminated one cycle before merge after being betrayed by fellow Amigo Nicole Capper, of whom he gave his half of an idol to.


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Surname: Castle
Age: 25
Occupation: Media Producer
From: Milnerton, Cape Town

Don't be fooled by Nathan's sculpted, tattooed body and flirty smile. He is a highly competitive young man who graduated with a law degree from the University of the Western Cape and he loves playing games that require mental and physical strength. This part-time personal trainer who recently became a partner at a Post Production Facility in Cape Town, is also a sharp strategic thinker and a pro at playing mind games. He also holds Western Province colours in chess! Even though this confident, sociable all-rounder is ready to use his looks to advance his game, he acknowledges that his competitiveness sometimes comes with a bit of a temper – and that can be a risky combination.[1]

Survivor South Africa

Nathan started on a good position in the Sa'ula tribe, as he was included in a five-person majority alliance and he and Rob Bentele had a particularly strong connection. However, an injury would prevent Nathan from being a dominating force in challenges and contributed to Sa'ula losing the first two Immunity Challenge. The first Tribal Council resulted in the elimination of outsider Lee-Anne van Renen, but when alliance member Paul Smulders began acting distrustful to Nicole Capper and Steffi Brink, Nathan went from the intended target as he claimed to be a liability due to hist injury to in on Paul's blindside. Seipei Mashugane would take his place in the alliance dubbed "The Amigos", and this group of five stayed in tact by winning the next Immunity Challenge.

In the first swap, Nathan remained on Sa'ula along with Steffi and was joined with former Ta'alo member Cobus Hugo and a threatening Laumei trio of Mmaba Molefe, Geoffrey Cooke-Tonneson, and Mike Venter. It looked like the Sa'ula and Laumei factions would vie for Cobus to either force a tie or claim an outright majority. Nathan was convinced Cobus was on his side and following a conversation with Rob during sitting out of a Reward Challenge, he decided to throw the next challenge. He approached Steffi with the plan, which Steffi met with hesitation. Steffi did sit out of the following Immunity Challenge on Day 12, but Nathan's attempts to throw the challenge were foiled with Laumei being unable to solve the puzzle either, forcing Nathan to solve the puzzle and win immunity. Nathan's failed challenge throw confirmed his status as the next target should Sa'ula lose, but when he was sent to the Island of Secrets on Day 14 with Nicole, they found two halves of an idol clue. Although Nicole and Rob already had possession of Paul's Sa'ula idol from the original tribe, Nathan insisted Nicole keep the idol. The two crafted a story to tell their respective tribes about what happened on the Island of Secrets to hide the existence of their idol, and were met with suspicion.

Sa'ula avoided Tribal Council going into the second swap, with Nathan rejoining with Nicole, staying with Geoffrey and Mmaba, and being joined with Durão Mariano, Danté De Villiers, and Meryl Szolkeiwicz, the latter two who formed a power couple. Nathan tried to pit Dante and Meryl against Geoffrey and Mmaba with the intentions of taking out Dante. However, Geoffrey was keen on taking out Nathan due to his shadiness in the second iteration of Sa'Ula, and managed to form an alliance of four with Mmaba, Durao, and Nicole. Geoffrey and Nicole assured Nathan the plan was to flush Meryl's idol and split the votes between her and Dante. Ultimately on Day 19's Tribal Council, Dante, Meryl, and Nathan were all blindsided as Nathan was the 8th player voted out of the game and the first original Sa'ula member out since Day 5.

Voting History

Nathan's Voting History
Episode Nathan's
Voted Against
1 Lee-Anne -
2 Paul Paul
3 Sa'ula Tribe Immune
4 Sa'ula Tribe Immune
5 Sa'ula Tribe Immune
6 Sa'ula Tribe Immune
7 Sa'ula Tribe Immune
8 Meryl1 Durão, Geoffrey,
Mmaba, Nicole
Voted Out, Day 19

^1 In "Putting My Foot in My Mouth", Meryl used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Nathan's vote against her.



  • Nathan is the youngest member of the original Sa'ula tribe.
  • Nathan is the only castaway on Island of Secrets to stay on the same tribe after the two tribe switches.


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