Nakúm is a tribe from Survivor: Guatemala.

Their tribe color is yellow.


 Blake Towsley
24, Dallas, TX
Real estate broker
S11 blake t
 Bobby Jon Drinkard
28, Los Angeles, CA
S11 bobbyjon t
 Brandon Bellinger
22, Manhattan, KS
S11 brandon t
 Brooke Struck
25, Hood River, OR
Law student
S11 brooke t
 Cindy Hall
30, Naples, FL
S11 cindy t
 Danni Boatwright
29, Tonganozie, KS
Sports radio host
S11 danni t
 Jim Lynch
63, Northglenn, CO
Retired fire captain
S11 jim t
 Judd Sergeant
34, Ridgefield, NJ
Hotel doorman
S11 judd t
 Margaret Bobonich
43, Chardon, OH
Nursing practitioner
S11 margaret t

 Brooke Struck
S11 brooke t
 Cindy Hall
S11 cindy t
 Jamie Newton
S11 jamie t
 Judd Sergeant
S11 judd t
 Lydia Morales
S11 lydia t
S11 margaret t
 Rafe Judkins
S11 rafe t
S11 stephenie t

Tribe History

The tribe was formed on Day 1, consisting of eight new contestants, plus an unexpected addition, former contestant Bobby Jon Drinkard. They were then instructed to hike eleven miles through the woods to a Mayan pyramid, where the first team to make it there would get to live at the pyramid and would receive flint, while the other tribe would be sent to a new campsite. On the way there, Blake had a branch snap down on his shoulder, which Margaret nursed and took care of. After suffering many injuries, they eventually made it to the pyramid first.

Many tribe members became sick shortly after they set up camp, including Bobby Jon, Judd, Blake, and Jim, who all looked to Margaret, the nurse, for help. They lost the first Immunity Challenge and voted out Jim because he was thought to be the weakest link, considering his injured arm and his old age.

Nakúm won the next Reward and Immunity Challenges on Days 4 and 6, but Blake continued to suffer from sickness and Margaret continued nursing him, causing some people to question whether or not he would be able to survive the elements for much longer.

Nakúm won the next Reward Challenge on Day 7, winning a tarp, and when the guys were taking a long time on deciding how to put it up, Margaret took charge and showed them a convenient way of putting it up. This got under Judd and Bobby Jon's skin because they felt she was "barking orders." They continued their winning streak and won the next Immunity Challenge on Day 8.

On Day 9, the tribes were switched. The two tribes chose the most deserving man and woman to go to a picnic, and they chose Margaret and Judd. Those two were away when the new tribes were separated, meaning they were stuck on their current team. The new Nakúm consisted of Brooke, Cindy, Judd, Margaret, and new tribe mates Jamie Newton, Lydia Morales, Rafe Judkins, and Stephenie LaGrossa. The new Nakúm tribe lost their first Immunity Challenge on Day 11. The members from the original Nakúm had decided that they would stick together and pick the other tribe off, but Judd had second thoughts. He decided he would flip on his old tribe, joining the old Yaxhá tribe members, and backstabbed his old tribe members one by one. He started with Brooke, then Nakúm won the next Immunity Challenge. When a double Tribal Council forced them to vote someone out on Day 15, they continued with voting out Margaret. Nakúm won the next Immunity Challenge on Day 18, and the two tribes immediately merged after Yaxhá's last Tribal Council.



  • Nakúm is the first starting tribe to hang their own flag.
  • Nakúm has had the most illness and injuries on one tribe, with 3 cases.
  • Nakúm is the first tribe to live amongst ruins.
  • Out of the people who reached the merge, Gary Hogeboom is the only one to have never been a member of Nakúm.


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