The Nagarote Alliance is the majority alliance on the Nagarote tribe from Survivor: Worlds Apart.



After Nagarote lost its first challenge on Day 6, Joe formed a tight alliance with Jenn Brown and Hali Ford to try and eliminate the tribe's liability, Nina Poersch. Fearing that Will Sims II could possibly ally with the enemy, Joe was able to sway him into joining the alliance and eliminating Nina and Vince. At Tribal Council, the votes were split with two for Vince Sly and two for Jenn. The alliance was surprised when Vince was blindsided in a 3-2-1 vote instead of Nina. Will reneged on the plan of splitting the vote and voted out Vince since he was still angry that he accused him of losing the challenge for the them. Nina was then finally voted out on Day 8 after the tribe lost again and the spilt vote plan came into play.

Who is More Annoying?

On Day 12, a tribe switch occurred and the alliance had gained four new tribe members and lost their leader, Joe. Throughout the three days, the alliance had increasingly got annoyed with Max Dawson and Shirin Oskooi for being extremely annoying and over-strategizing. The alliance then garnered Carolyn and Kelly's vote to form the majority and targeted Max. The new Nagarote tribe lost the Immunity Challenge on Day 14 and went to Tribal Council where the alliance blindsided Max in a 5-2 vote.

Jenn's Big Move

At the merge on Day 17, the alliance gained Shirin's vote but lost Kelly's as they knew she would go back to her original tribe, Escameca. The alliance quickly targeted her for flipping back. After talking with Tyler Fredrickson, the alliance then lost Carolyn Rivera. At the first merged Immunity Challenge, Joe, knowing that he was the biggest physical threat, tried his hardest to win immunity and eventually won which led to the majority alliance targeting Jenn while the foursome targeted Kelly. The alliance told original member, Will, how they were voting, however, he wasn't listening and joined the rival alliance instead. After voting at Tribal Council, Jenn sensed that she would get votes and used her idol, surprising everyone and negating the votes. The alliance accomplished its goal as Kelly was then blindsided in a 4-1-0 vote.

Losing the Spirit

After unsuccessfully eliminating Jenn Brown, the majority alliance still targeted Joe Anglim but also began targeting Jenn's closest ally, Hali Ford as a secondary target. Joe won immunity for the second straight time and the alliance decided to target Dan Foley for his rude comments towards Shirin and overall annoyance. The girls then tried to get Sierra Dawn Thomas to flip which she thought over but eventually at the subsequent Tribal Council decided not to. At tribal, the alliance stayed strong together and voted against Dan, but Hali was blindsided instead in a 7-4 vote. Without her best friend back at camp, Jenn went into an emotional frenzy which included her potentially quitting.

Shirin, feeling on the bottom of the tribe, pleaded to the Mike to keep her around more, while Joe went to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. The majority of the Escameca Alliance followed Joe and he eventually didn't find it which led to him creating a fake yet realistic idol. Joe then tried to manipulate Mike with it but he already found it and began targeting him more. At the challenge, no members of the alliance won immunity. Back at camp, Jenn tried to get everyone, including her allies, to vote her off next. The majority alliance agreed to vote her off but Mike used Shirin's vote and she became the swing vote. At Tribal Council, Joe was voted out in a 5-4-1 vote because of Shirin voting against him and not Jenn.

The Last Opportunity

After a sudden outburst from Mike Holloway towards his alliance's betrayal, he was put on the outs within the tribe with fellow tribe mates Jenn and Shirin. The three reconvened and agreed to vote against Carolyn because they thought the Escameca Alliance would split the votes. Mike tried his best to get Dan Foley to flip and join him but he refused. At Tribal Council that night, Jenn was voted out in a 5-3-1 with both Mike and Shirin voting against her. Shirin was then voted out two days later on Day 29 after the majority alliance voted her out with 4 votes.


  • Will is the only member of the alliance to make the final seven.
  • Will is the only member of the alliance to not be included in its pagonging.



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