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Nagarote, informally known as the "No Collars", is a tribe from Survivor: Worlds Apart. Defined by its members as free spirits and not conforming to convention, Jeff Probst coined them as the people who "break the rules".

Nagarote is known for their free-spirited nature, but the No Collars quickly grew divided between two sides. After the tribe switch, Nagarote was outmatched physically by the new Escameca, but the remaining No Collars managed to reach the merge. Their tribe color is red.


Hali Ford
25, San Francisco, CA
Law student
S30 hali t.png
Jenn Brown
22, Long Beach, CA
Sailing instructor
S30 jenn t.png
Joe Anglim
25, Scottsdale, AZ
Jewelry designer
S30 joe t.png
Nina Poersch
51, Palmdale, CA
Hearing advocate
S30 nina t.png
Vince Sly
32, Santa Monica, CA
Coconut vendor
S30 vince t.png
Will Sims II
41, Sherman Oaks, CA
YouTube sensation
S30 will t.png

 Carolyn Rivera
S30 carolyn t.png
 Hali Ford
S30 hali t.png
 Jenn Brown
S30 jenn t.png
 Kelly Remington
S30 kelly t.png
 Max Dawson
S30 max t.png
 Shirin Oskooi
S30 shirin t.png
 Will Sims II
S30 will t.png

Tribe History

The No Collars

On Day 1, the three tribes met Jeff Probst where they were to select a pair that would represent their tribes and for the No Collars, Will and Jenn volunteered. They were informed they will be making an important decision once they reach camp. Will and Jenn were given a choice between a big bag of beans or a smaller bag of beans and a Hidden Immunity Idol clue. True to their laid-back lifestyle, they ignored the idol clue in exchange for the bigger bag of beans. Jenn caught the attention of Vince, whose outlook in life was similar to his. However, Jenn was irked by Vince's overtly affectionate demeanor, doubting his worth as a potential ally. The No Collars ultimately dominated at the first Immunity Challenge on Day 3.

On Day 4, Nina, the tribe's oldest and only hearing-impaired member struggled to get along with her younger tribemates. While Hali and Jenn took the time to get to know Nina, Nina felt out of place when the two decided to go skinny-dipping without her. At this time, the tribe's younger members, Jenn, Hali and Joe formed an alliance, prompting the older members Vince, Nina and Will to stick together out of necessity.

At the Day 6 Immunity Challenge, Will, who was not in the best physical shape, struggled at swimming, costing them the challenge. Back at camp, while Will's challenge performance was likely to send him home, Vince used this as an opportunity to blindside Joe, who made him feel threatened because of his overall likability. However, a hasty afternoon conversation with Nina on Will's health prompted Nina to tell Will about Vince's doubts of his health. Later, Jenn, Hali, and Joe attempted to convince Will to split the vote between Nina and Vince in case either brings out a Hidden Immunity Idol, but the three were to vote Nina out come a re-vote. While he and Nina initially planned to vote Jenn for her perceived untrustworthiness, Will swung the vote against an unsuspecting Vince to protect Nina. Blindsided, Vince was sent home in a 3-2-1 vote.

Will's rogue vote made him more objectionable, while Nina continued to feel alone, believing she was not as free-spirited as her tribemates. At the Day 8 Immunity Challenge, Joe made a faulty strategy by letting Nina run ahead while the rest of the tribe carried the bucket, which heavily backfired. Losing their second challenge in a row, Joe readily took blame. However, Nina and Will, expecting either one of them will be next, seemingly ended their alliance and politicked against each other. In the end, Nina's age, disability, and failure to assimilate sent her home.

The four remaining No Collars rebounded over the next three days, winning both the Reward and Immunity Challenges in first place. After winning a coop of chickens on Day 9, the tribe cooked one to celebrate Will's birthday. Jenn, a vegetarian, was apprehensive of the idea of seeing the chicken being slaughtered and walked away from camp. The sailing instructor used this as an opportunity to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol unnoticed, in which she was successful.

The Underdogs


Post-Tribe Switch

On Day 12, the three tribes became two. The Masaya tribe was dissolved, and the fourteen remaining castaways were spread into the new Nagarote and Escameca tribes. A luck of a draw sent Joe as the lone No Collar on the new Escameca tribe, while the Will, Jenn and Hali remained at Nagarote, with the additions of three "White Collars" Carolyn Rivera, Max Dawson, and Shirin Ooskoi, and one "Blue Collar", Kelly Remington. Lacking physically stronger players, the new Nagarote quickly found itself at a disadvantage, being destroyed by the new Escameca in back-to-back challenges.

On the surface, it seemed that the No and White Collars were vying for Kelly's vote, but Carolyn, wanting to defuse Kelly's privilege as a swing vote, revealed to the No Collars that Max and Shirin had aggravated her at the old White Collar camp due to their personality quirks and overt expression of their fanaticism of Survivor. On Day 14, the No Collars, Carolyn, and Kelly banded to vote Max out in a 5-2 vote.

Stunned by Carolyn's betrayal, Shirin was told she was annoying and too caught in the moment of being on her favorite show, coming across as socially awkward to her tribemates. In a closely-contested Reward Challenge on Day 15, the physically overwhelmed Nagarote tribe emerged victorious, winning them a trip to a turtle sanctuary along with a feast. Shirin used the feast as an opportunity to assimilate with her tribe, vowing to take the game more seriously.

On Day 16, Escameca member Mike was afraid at the prospect of Kelly, his closest ally, getting voted out next being the sole Blue Collar at Nagarote. In a preventive measure, he secretly threw the next Immunity Challenge, keeping Kelly safe.

On Day 17, Nagarote moved to the Escameca camp for the merge.



  • Nagarote's camp was previously used as the camp site for Hunahpu in San Juan del Sur.
  • Joe Anglim is the only original member of Nagarote not to reside in California at the time of filming.
  • Nagarote is the first tribe in a three-tribe season to win the first challenge and lose the next one.
  • Nagarote never came in second before the tribe switch.


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