Nacho Momma is the second episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Night 3

On Night 3, Rotu, after having to not go to Tribal Council, was very happy. Gabriel Cade even said that Rotu was a happy little "love tribe". They were massaging each other's backs while lined up in a row, laughing and having a good time, but not Kathy. He said that Kathy wasn't trying to fit in with the rest of her tribe, and usually slept alone, outside the shelter.

Day 4

At the beginning of day four, in Rotu, Gabriel and Tammy were having a discussion about how Kathy was often off on her own. Tammy said that first impressions and making bonds early in the game were extremely important, and Kathy had done neither. Gabriel remarked that she was off on her own at that moment. Kathy was off on her own, looking for food. She said that if she finally found some it would give her credibility within the tribe.

Meanwhile, back in camp, Neleh noted that Robert was really struggling. She said the lack of food was taking a toll on him the worst. Gabriel explained that he was a big guy and needed lots of food, which they just didn't have. Robert said that he needed pig, boar, or any kind of meat. He just needed protein. John Carroll and Gabriel started creating weapons to try to catch food. They created spears and traps, but John said he was most proud of the pig snare they created, and he was sure it was going to catch a pig.

Over at Maraamu, Sean Rector was hosting "The Morning Show". Hunter Ellis was in charge of the weather report, while Rob Mariano was in charge of the food part of the show. After Hunter and Rob talked, Sean put on some "music" and Vecepia, Hunter, Gina, and Sean danced. Rob explained it was a great way to start the day, before they had to get into the toiling world of Survivor.

Patricia explained that no one wanted to work. Hunter then said that they had some hard workers in the tribe. He said "Patricia, who you wouldn't think was that strong, was one of their strongest workers". Gina Crews said Patricia just worked and worked and wouldn't rest, and she was worried that Patricia would over-exert herself. Patricia said that if no one was going to step up she would, and she would tell people they needed to work. Hunter, laughing, said that he got along with Patricia, even know she nagged a lot. He said that she was a mom, she would always be a mom, and that's what moms do. Sean however, said that Patricia was doing too much talking, and Vecepia said she thought it was a show. While talking to Sean, Vecepia said that they were all grown and didn't need a mom to tell them what to do. She also said she had bonded with Sean quite a bit and he was like her brother. Sean said they had a strong bond through Christ.

Back at Rotu, John caught shrimp, exciting everybody. He explained that he wanted to be on the top of hierarchy and catching food was the best way to get there. Meanwhile, Kathy found shells under rocks and very excitedly called the rest of her tribe over. John said he was happy to have the protein, but he wished he would have been the one to catch it. After Kathy was describing how to find the shells, John said her style of communicating was somewhat abrasive and condescending. Kathy said that she was shocked that she didn't receive a "Good job Kathy!", "Awesome job!", or not even a pat on the back.

At Maraamu, Hunter said some people were here to play the game and survive, while others were here for a vacation. Gina said that when you see Sean, you would think he was a really strong physical person, but he was actually really lazy. Hunter said Sean just does't work. Sean said that he refused to let "golden boy" smile and charm people, when Sean knew he was here to play a game. Hunter also said that Rob and Sarah were too close. Sarah said her and Rob were the two youngest people and had a lot in common, so it was natural for them to get along. Hunter said he thought that if Sarah was gone he would see more productivity out of Rob.

As night fell, Rob explained the only game he had going was with Sarah, and that she needed to be careful. He told her she might want to work more, to keep her good with the tribe. He said, that by keeping Sarah close, instead of one vote, he had two votes.

Day 5

At Rotu, Tammy was certain they were going to catch a pig or some sort of animal. John's snare was set but didn't catch the pig, which greatly disappointed him. Kathy called a meeting to introduce her "goodies". Tammy said Kathy was almost like a mother holding out a candy bar saying, "You can have some, but you have to listen to me first". Kathy told them that she wanted a better shelter, then showed them the shells she found. Gabriel said he didn't think they should all slip into one role. He asked Kathy why she didn't know anything about them, and she said she had been catching food, and Gabriel said there was more going on than that, and said he wanted to know her. Kathy said they bit back hard to the point where she was almost in tears. Tammy said she felt bad and she didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings. After the talk, Rotu decided to make a shelter. Gabriel said it was good for them to have a place to sleep together, and Kathy thanked him.

At the Reward Challenge, Robert sat out for Rotu. Hunter and Rob removed most of the rocks for Maraamu, while Gabriel and John removed most for Rotu. Although Maraamu was close behind Rotu the whole time, Rotu eventually won the fishing challenge, giving them fishing gear.

Day 6

At Maraamu, Vecepia, Patricia, and Sarah were weaving palm fronds for the roof of the shelter. Hunter was designing most of the shelter. Sarah said she had the idea a few days ago, but no one would listen to her, and when Hunter had the idea, everyone wanted to do it. Gina said she got irritated with Sarah because she was talking about how to build the shelter, but not working. Sarah disagreed with how Patricia and Hunter were building the shelter, and when no one else agreed with her, she said she was going to do it by herself whether they liked it or not.

The Tree Mail at Maraamu contained eating utensils and hinted that the Immunity Challenge would be disgusting food. At the challenge, Neleh and Rob had some trouble getting their fafaru down, but eventually, they both got it down. For the tiebreaker, Maraamu chose Neleh while Rotu chose Rob. Neleh finished the fafaru first when Rob threw part of his up, giving Rotu the win.

When they got back to camp, Rob said he cost the tribe the challenge. Sean told Vecepia it was either himself or Sarah going next. Vecepia said Sarah was a liability and she was just here for ride and whoever would take her. Hunter asked Rob why he was stringing Sarah along. Rob said that if Sarah went, he could go with Hunter and become a worker bee, or go with Sean, and risk looking stupid. Sean told Rob that Patricia was pumped up too much and way too cocky.

At Tribal Council, Patricia said that she didn't think the tribe was 100% productive and that they could do better, coming from her mother side. Rob said that sometimes Mama (Patricia) was a pain in the butt, but other times, she was there for you when you needed her. Sarah said they were all adults, and they didn't always need someone barking at them, telling them what to do. Sean said he felt like he never left work and that the work was draining on his energy. Sarah said she didn't want to be the one that lost a challenge because she was low on energy, and Gina disagreed, saying that if she had to work for someone else, her energy would be twice as low as it should be. Hunter said they needed to come back from their losses. Rob said he could understood why people would want to vote him out. Vecepia voted for Patricia, saying she was a nice person, but the mom thing was getting old. Hunter voted for Sarah, saying the beach party was over and she was being a distraction. Although Sarah and Sean were both mentioned to being voted out, due to their work habits, it was eventually Patricia that was voted out 4-3.


Challenge: Float Your Boat
Tribes would dive down into the water to remove rocks from a small boat. When they have removed enough rocks, the boat would rise to the surface and float. Tribe members would then proceed to use buckets to get water out of the boat with buckets. Once the tribe decided the boat was sea-fare, they would row back to shore. The first tribe back would win.
Reward: Fishing gear
Winner: Rotu

Challenge: Marquesan Menu
Each tribe member would bob for fafaru (raw fish fillet marinated in fermented seawater). If any tribe member could not keep it down or didn't eat it, they would lose the challenge for their tribe.
Winner: Rotu

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S4 patricia t
Patricia (4 votes)
S4 rob tS4 sarah tS4 sean tS4 vecepia t
Rob, Sarah, Sean, Vecepia
S4 sarah t
Sarah (3 votes)
S4 gina tS4 hunter tS4 patricia t
Gina, Hunter, Patricia
S4 patricia bw
Patricia Jackson

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Patricia) My vote tonight is for Patricia. Uh, she's a great person, but the mom thing is getting pretty old in the camp, so she's got to go. I wish you the best of luck.

Vecepia Towery

(voting for Sarah) Sarah, I'm sorry, you know I love you, but the beach party is over. We got to work hard, we got to challenge hard and I just think you're being a distraction.

Hunter Ellis

Final Words

I know why I got voted off tonight. I have no ill feelings. I want y'all to come together as a team and win these things and come out on top. I'm proud of each and every other one of you. And I made some wonderful friendships and I hope they last for a while. I had a great time and I'd do it again. Love you.

Patricia Jackson

Still in the Running

S4 peter bw
S4 patricia bw
S4 gabriel t
S4 gina t
S4 hunter t
S4 john t
S4 kathy t
S4 neleh t
S4 paschal t
S4 rob t
S4 robert t
S4 sarah t
S4 sean t
S4 tammy t
S4 vecepia t
S4 zoe t


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