NaOnka Patricia Mixon is a contestant from Survivor: Nicaragua.

A major presence in the season, NaOnka was able to survive many Tribal Councils despite her brash and confrontational attitude, due to her control over the game for being part of the majority alliance, and for having the Hidden Immunity Idol. Despite this, NaOnka and fellow ally, Kelly Shinn, decided to quit the show with only 11 days left, thus amending the rules on how people who quit would be treated in terms of their jury rights.


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Name: NaOnka Mixon (27)
Tribe: La Flor
Current Residence: Los Angeles, Calif.
Occupation: PE Teacher
Personal Claim to Fame: Not having any kids at 27!
Inspiration in Life: My sister. No matter if I stumble and fall, my sister always believes in me.
Hobbies: Playing with my doggies, working out, playing volleyball.
Pet Peeves: Old people driving.
3 Words To Describe You: Unique, spontaneous, funny.
Survivor Contestant You Are Most Like: No one.
Reason for being on Survivor: Getting the experience of survival.
Why you think you will be the Sole Survivor: My drive to win.[1]


NaOnka was put on the La Flor tribe, originally consisting of players between the ages of 30 and below. NaOnka felt that she was better off with the older players because she depicted herself as the most mature person on her tribe. NaOnka quickly became friends with Brenda Lowe and Sash Lenahan but also became enemies with Fabio Birza and Kelly Bruno, openly saying that she didn't like either of them. In fact, NaOnka even wrestled Kelly B. just for a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol in a basket of fruits La Flor won at the Reward Challenge (with NaOnka ruining some fruits in the process), feeling no sympathy for her. Despite her bad attitude, NaOnka was protected by her alliance of Sash, Brenda, Chase Rice, and Kelly Shinn.

NaOnka was transferred to Espada on Day 12, along with Chase, Alina Wilson, and Benry Henry. During this time, NaOnka had a break down and wanted to quit, but Chase talked her out of it, saying he felt that way when his dad died, but he still felt like he was able to move on. That break down nearly got NaOnka voted off, but thanks to Tyrone Davis coming off as unpopular to the younger players, NaOnka was spared and he was voted off. NaOnka also had a hand at voting Yve Rojas off at Day 15. NaOnka targeted Alina after Yve left, but since Espada won immunity on Day 18, her plans were to be put on hold.

When tribes merged in Day 19, NaOnka took as much food as she could, even going as far as shoving peanuts into her bra and pockets. She and Brenda told each other what happened in their respective tribes. NaOnka was mad when everyone got more food than her when she helped prepare it so she stole some cooking supplies and flour to get back at everyone, only to drag Alina into it and then got caught eating the stolen fruit in the jungle near camp, putting a target on NaOnka's back. But NaOnka was able to transfer the heat to Alina, which resulted in Alina getting voted off in Day 21. In Episode 9, Marty Piombo made a plan to feign a vote for NaOnka and blindside Jane Bright to flush out NaOnka's idol, but it didn't work as NaOnka didn't feel threatened and Marty was voted off. The alliance NaOnka and Brenda established crumbled when Holly Hoffman told NaOnka that Brenda was in control, so NaOnka got Fabio into the plan and even went along with it, saying she wanted to win, not make friends. Brenda went against NaOnka, but Brenda was still voted off.

On Day 28, it began to rain hard once again, so after the Reward Challenge which NaOnka's team won, NaOnka, along with Kelly S., both, asked if they could quit, but Jeff Probst told them that they would have to wait until that night's Tribal Council if they still wanted to quit. Even though she was going to quit, NaOnka still went on reward, which upset everyone, especially Holly and Benry. At Tribal Council, despite the other remaining 7 (except Sash) and even Jeff supplying reasons why she shouldn't quit, NaOnka still quit, finishing in 9th place and becoming the 4th member of the jury. Kelly S. soon followed by quitting finishing in 8th place and becoming the 5th member of the jury. Her and Kelly S. quitting resulted in everybody, including the jury, to be very disappointed.

At Final Tribal Council, she described Chase as her boy, Fabio as her hippie friend, and viewed Sash as a strategic player. She asked Fabio if seeing his mom was what he needed to win the game. He said yes, adding he was thinking about what he would do for his family. Satisfied with his answer, NaOnka gave her jury vote to Fabio, stating it was a pleasure. Her and Purple Kelly's vote was pivotal in making Fabio the Sole Survivor.

At the Reunion Show, NaOnka's mom proved that she does act like NaOnka and she's proud of her daughter. Jeff also referred to NaOnka as this season's villain and when he was going to announce the Sprint Player of the Season award, he said NaOnka wasn't even in the running.

Voting History

NaOnka's Voting History
Episode NaOnka's
Voted Against
1 La Flor Tribe Immune
2 Shannon -
3 La Flor Tribe Immune
4 La Flor Tribe Immune
5 Tyrone Tyrone, Yve
6 Yve -
7 Espada Tribe Immune
8 Alina -
9 Marty -
10 Brenda Brenda
12 No Vote
Quit, Day 28
Voted For
Sole Survivor


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  • NaOnka and Kelly Shinn became the first contestants to quit at the same Tribal Council.
  • NaOnka is the only castaway to find a Hidden Immunity Idol before quitting; she gave her idol to Chase Rice before leaving the game.
  • NaOnka voted correctly at every Tribal Council she attended.
  • NaOnka lost 11 lbs. during her time in Nicaragua.[2]
  • At the Nicaragua Reunion Show, Jeff Probst revealed that after NaOnka and Kelly S.'s simultaneous voluntary exits, the producers decided that, if a contestant quit the show, the producers would deliberate whether or not put the quitter on the jury. Jeff further revealed that the producers will reserve the right to withhold the quitter's consolation prize.
    • Had NaOnka and Kelly S. not been permitted to join the jury and the same vote would have taken place, Chase would have won the season in a 4-3-0 vote.


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