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My Wheels Are Spinning is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Cambodia. This and the preceding episode were aired together in a two-hour event.


Night 26

The castaways head back to camp after Tribal Council and Joe calls Jeremy "sneaky, sneaky" for playing his Immunity Idol on Stephen. Kimmi says it was classy. Stephen says he had no idea that he had an idol and says Jeremy saved his life in the game and now he owes him. Jeremy tells him the other people don't trust him. He thanks Jeremy and says he's got his back. He says now he knows Stephen will take him to the end.

Jeremy says he knows there's a target on him now but says he's got wiggle room to make another mood. Jeremy then goes and tells Spencer not to be paranoid. He says he would do the same thing for Spencer. Spencer feels betrayed though and is ready to jump ship on the alliance.

Day 27

It rains again on Day 27 and Stephen is annoyed he didn't see his blindside coming.

He talks to Kimmi about last night and he says he knew nothing last night when he usually knows what's happening. Stephen's feet are swollen and he puts them by the fire. Stephen says his feet are swollen to monster size and he can barely walk and can't sleep. The Survivor's come to a nighttime challenge. It's about Survivor Folklore.

Jeff will them some Cambodian history and they answer trivia questions. The first to answer five questions wins. The winner gets picked up by helicopter to go to a spa resort for steak, chicken, cocktails and the works. Jeff tells the story about a Cambodian king from the 12th and 13th centuries. He talks about the king's armies. Angkor Wat was the largest city in the world back then.

Jeff gives the history of the city and says it was as big as Los Angeles. But the king was Buddhist and changed the state religion and built the Bayon temple. It's the length of three football fields. That's the whole story. The castaways now head into the woods. There's an idol clue in one of the packets. They take off running into the jungle. They ask about the king's religion and the stone of the temple.

They all run back with a packet. Keith is wrong, Spencer is right, Kelley and Stephen are right, Jeremy and Abi-Maria got it right too. Keith is wrong again. Joe is wrong. Fish has two right ones. Spencer has two. Kelley Wentworth gets the idol clue and shoves it in her pants. Spencer has a third right and takes the lead. Only Keith has one. Abi-Maria gets a third.

Stephen gets a third and Spencer gets a fourth and just needs one more. Fish lied to Abi-Maria about an answer she didn't know. Jeremy gets a third and Abi-Maria misses and Spencer gets it wrong so now Stephen can win it if he hurries. Spencer and Stephen have four each and they are both unwrapping. Stephen wins it with the fifth question. Spencer lost by seconds.

Stephen will get the spa reward and Jeff says to choose one person to come along. He takes Tasha and then Jeff says to choose one more and he takes Jeremy. Stephen said he needed to mend fences with Tasha. Spencer says Stephen made questionable choices by taking them and now he knows that he's not as tight with them as he thought and he needs to make a move.

Jeremy is furious that Stephen didn't pick him first for the reward after he gave him an Immunity Idol. The castaways come back to camp and Stephen says running on his monster feet was hard. Kelley is happy to have an idol clue and it says she has to pick the right moment. The idol is under the shelter. She tries to feel around while it's dark.

She decides to wait until tomorrow when the three are gone on reward. The chopper takes Stephen, Jeremy, and Tasha to the resort. Stephen says Tasha wrote down his name at Tribal Council so he's worried about her. Stephen says he feels tight with them and tells them what his advantage is. He says he can steal a vote and he can have a second vote.

They all agree that the first time Joe loses individual immunity, he has to go home. Back at the camp, the others talk about how tight Stephen, Tasha, and Jeremy obviously are. Kimmi leaves and the others talk about what they want to do. Spencer says get rid of Stephen because of the advantage. Abi-Maria worries he would use it against her.

She says to Joe "let me win the challenge" and Joe says no. Abi-Maria thinks Joe and Spencer are sketchy. She's not sure she will go with the plan. They talk about going with Tasha or Stephen depending on who wins immunity. Kelley is focused on getting the Immunity Idol. Joe and Spencer decide to go fishing and Keith and Kimmi go look for crabs. It's only Abi-Maria left at camp.

Kelley is desperate to get her out of there before the others come back, and she compares Abi-Maria to an annoying little sister who won't leave. Kelley fakes sleeping and Abi-Maria goes to the hammock. She has her back to the shelter and Kelly climbs under the shelter. She tries to get the Hidden Immunity Idol loose and then everyone comes back. She gets it and skitters out. She says it was stressful but has it and is ready to shake up the game.

Day 29

At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff takes back the Immunity Necklace from Joe. The challenge is to use just your feet. They release a rope, drop blocks and stack blocks then place a flag in the middle. This was played back in Keith and Jeremy's season and Jeremy was sent home that night when he didn't win it. Jeremy "thanks" him for the reminder.

They draw for spots and start. They all get their blocks except for Spencer who is struggling with the initial knot. His blocks finally fall. Stephen is the slowest because his feet are swollen. Jeff says his feet look prehistoric. Spencer catches up and is doing well. Kelley Wentworth takes the lead with Joe close behind. Keith and Spencer are close behind them. Kelley Wentworth is struggling.

Jeff says if Joe wins this Immunity Challenge, he joins an elite group but then he knocks some over. Keith's stack takes a tumble. Spencer takes over the lead and Joe is close behind. Spencer is one block ahead. Joe is catching up. Spencer puts the last block on his top row. Spencer has to put the flag in the middle. Spencer struggles to get his flag in as Joe puts his last block in.

Joe's blocks tumble as Spencer gets his flag in and wins individual immunity, and breaks Joe's immunity streak. Joe is worried that he has no safety tonight, and he's nervous. Back at camp, the others congratulate Spencer and Stephen is excited that Joe will be available for elimination. Stephen has his shot and is ready to make a move.

Joe goes to lay in the hammock and Stephen asks the others about voting Joe out. Jeremy says Joe is a big challenge guy and could keep winning. They agree to tell Joe they're voting for Abi-Maria and tell Abi-Maria the plan only if they ask. Kelley says she has five people, Joe, Keith, Abi-Maria, and the possible exception of Spencer, and Kelley goes to Keith and tells him they need to take out Stephen. Joe says he's relying on his social game tonight.

Kelley Wentworth says they have a solid five. Joe hopes the Stephen blindside goes through. Abi-Maria talks to Stephen and he tells her to vote for Joe. She says "yeah" and thanks him. He says she sounds like she doesn't believe him. Then she gets angry and asks what else he wants from her. Stephen says Abi-Maria is insane and suspicious of everyone. Stephen now needs to convince Joe he's going after Abi-Maria.

Joe says Abi-Maria thinks it's her. Abi-Maria thinks Joe is shady for talking to Jeremy and Stephen. Abi-Maria tells the others she's not sure and will vote at Tribal Council. She says she thinks Joe is playing her and Kelley but Kelley says stick to the plan. Abi-Maria says she has decisions to make. Kelley Wentworth is ready to play the idol if she has to. Abi-Maria goes to Spencer and he says to vote for Joe.

He tells Abi-Maria she has nothing to worry about. She says she's ready to go home if she has to. She says it doesn't matter who goes home and says she'll decide her vote at Tribal Council. Spencer is worried that she will not vote for Stephen. He says they have to vote for Stephen or this won't work. Stephen then goes to Jeremy and says Abi-Maria is all over the place.

Stephen says maybe Joe has an idol but Jeremy says he doesn't. Stephen wonders about using his advantage. He says they lose Abi-Maria and Joe with his advantage. He tells Spencer he'll use his advantage tonight and says they should split the vote for Abi-Maria and Joe. Stephen tells Spencer what his advantage is and now Spencer is worried about that.

He says in a confessional their plan is to take out Stephen but that's a risk. The castaways head to Tribal Council. The jury comes in, Kass, Andrew, Kelly, and Ciera. Jeff says Joe isn't wearing the Immunity Necklace since the merge. He says he just hopes the trust he's built will take him further. Abi-Maria says there are alliances clearly and it all depends on which alliance is most loyal to you.

Jeff mentions all blindsides this season. Tasha says the voting bloc may not hold going forward and they need to build a core and move forward. Kelley Wentworth says Stephen said that Tasha was in his alliance at the Reward Challenge. Stephen says his advantage is scary and he knows why it threatens people. He says last Tribal Council showed that they can vote his way.

Spencer says this is insanely complicated and there are so many possibilities. Abi-Maria says there was a lot of talk and a lot of names being thrown. She says she has a headache from all this. Stephen says there's a 33% chance of a blindside. Tasha says a shift is happening and says you need people you can trust to get you to the end. Jeff calls for the vote.

Then Stephen plays his advantage. He says he can steal a vote and cast it. He says he's stealing Joe's vote. Joe says that sucks but it's the game. The vote starts. Stephen's votes for Joe against Joe. Jeff goes to count the votes and then comes back. Jeff calls for a Hidden Immunity Idol. Kelley Wentworth and Jeremy don't play them.

The votes are Joe, Abi-Maria, Stephen, Joe, Abi-Maria, Abi-Maria, Stephen, Stephen, and when the last vote is also for Stephen, Stephen becomes the 11th person voted out of Survivor: Cambodia and the 5th member of the jury. Stephen is surprised and immediately looks at Spencer, while Jeremy buries his head in his hands. Joe is thrilled to see his nemesis Stephen voted out. Jeff says "the tribe has spoken" and extinguishes Stephen's torch. After Stephen leaves, Jeff says the only predictable thing is the unpredictability. Stephen says Spencer must have flipped on him. (It is revealed later he did.)

Kimmi and Tasha voted for Abi-Maria, Jeremy voted for Joe, and then Stephen voted once for Joe and once for Abi-Maria. Kelley's alliance voted for Stephen.


Challenge: Folklore
Jeff Probst will tell the castaways a story about Cambodian history. They will then race into the jungle with torches to a series of five stations where they will have a question and three answers. When they think they have a correct answer, open the jar and grab a wrapped medallion and head back to the start. At the start, open the wrapping and if they get a gold medallion they have answered correctly. If they open a wooden medallion, then they have answered incorrectly and must toss it in the fire and go back to the station and try again. The first person to answer all five questions correctly wins reward.
Reward: Trip to a local resort.
Additional Stipulation: Unknown to the castaways, one of the correct answser's wraps also contains a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol.
Winner: Stephen Fishbach (shared with Jeremy Collins and Tasha Fox)

Challenge: The Game is Afoot
Using only their feet, contestants must unwind a rope to release blocks that they will use to assemble a three-tiered tower. Once the tower is assembled, they must place a flag in the middle of the tower and the first contestant to do this wins immunity.
Winner: Spencer Bledsoe

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
(Joe's vote stolen by Stephen)
S31 stephen t.png
Stephen (4 votes)
S31 abimaria t.pngS31 keith t.pngS31 kelley t.pngS31 spencer t.png
Abi-Maria, Keith, Kelley, Spencer
S31 abimaria t.png
Abi-Maria (3 votes)
S31 kimmi t.pngS31 stephen t.pngS31 tasha t.png
Kimmi, Stephen, Tasha
S31 joe t.png
Joe (2 votes)
S31 jeremy t.pngS31 stephen t.png
Jeremy, Stephen
S31 stephen bw.png
Stephen Fishbach

Voting Confessionals

Stephen used the Vote Steal advantage granting him two total votes. Stephen stole Joe's vote rendering him unable to cast a vote at Tribal Council.

S31 stephen t.png

(voting against Abi) With my vote, I'm going to vote for Abi.
(voting against Joe) And with Joe's vote, Joe will be voting for Joe. This has been 29 days coming so I just want to take a second and marinate in it. Thank you.

Final Words

S31 stephen bw.png

So clearly I was blindsided. I thought I had locked up the split but I think Spencer must have turned and, you know, good on him. I regret splitting the votes-- we could've all voted for Joe. But I went out big. You know, this is a Survivor first. I played the "vote steal" and it's been awesome. You know, I've had-- I've had tremendous highs, I've had terrible lows, and I'm grateful for both.

Still in the Running

S31 vytas bw.png
S31 shirin bw.png
S31 peihgee bw.png
S31 jeff bw.png
S31 monica bw.png
S31 terry bw.png
S31 woo bw.png
S31 kass bw.png
S31 andrew bw.png
S31 kelly bw.png
S31 ciera bw.png
S31 stephen bw.png
S31 abimaria t.png
S31 jeremy t.png
S31 joe t.png
S31 keith t.png
S31 kelley t.png
S31 kimmi t.png
S31 spencer t.png
S31 tasha t.png


Life at Ponderosa

Stephen gets his customary post-game weigh-in where he lost 20 lbs. While on his way to Ponderosa, Stephen says he is grateful to the fans for voting for him to play a second time. When he arrives at Ponderosa, everybody gives him a hug except for Andrew. Stephen takes a shower and then joins the others to eat. When talking with Ciera, Stephen is shocked to learn from her that Spencer voted against him.

The next day, Stephen says he felt guilty for betraying people he befriended in his previous season and it took him quite some time to get over it. Kass sympathized with him and understood his pain and let him have his space. Later that day, he and Kelly baked cookies and enjoyed each other's company.[2]


  • Because of Stephen's advantage, this was the first time that a castaway was rendered ineligible to vote outside of re-votes and the vote at the final three on Day 38.
  • With Stephen's elimination, every castaway on this season has been voted out of Survivor at least once.
  • This is the first time this season Joe was vulnerable at Tribal Council for elimination. This is also the first time that Joe survived a Tribal Council after the merge without immunity.
  • The Immunity Challenge used in this episode, The Game is Afoot, was previously used in Survivor: San Juan del Sur, and was named after a phrase spoken by Survivor: One World castaway Tarzan Smith.

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