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The Mutiny is a twist in which contestants from both tribes are offered an option to immediately join the rival tribe. Due to editing and the progression of the story, mutinies are sometimes offered and never referenced in the show.


In Thailand, the mutiny was offered for the first time on Day 13, right before the Survivor Auction. No one opted to mutiny.

In Pearl Islands, the mutiny was offered at the second Immunity Challenge on Day 6. No one opted to mutiny and this twist was ultimately not aired.[1][2]

In Cook Islands, the mutiny was offered to the contestants before the Reward Challenge on Day 20. Candice Woodcock and Jonathan Penner decided to mutiny from the Aitutaki tribe to return to their allies on the Rarotonga tribe.

The twist was most recently used in Tocantins. Every player that received the urn with a Hidden Immunity Idol clue on Exile Island was also given the option to mutiny. Again, nobody took the opportunity.



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