The Muscle Alliance is an alliance that was formed during Survivor: One World.

Created by the stronger members of the Manono tribe, the alliance fell from power when the "misfits" joined together to oust them, eventually causing them to split.


The Brawn Among the Tribe

After being placed on the all male Manono tribe, Matt Quinlan, immediately after arriving to the beach, formed the alliance with the three other strong, muscular males, Bill Posley, Jay Byars, and Michael Jefferson. The newly formed foursome were comfortable with their position in the tribe, ignoring the fact they had isolated five members in the process, and being unaware of the fact that the quintet had made a counter-alliance to usurp them during their sleep.

The Jungle Man and the Rooster

After finding out about Colton and his allies strategizing, Matt quickly asked Troyzan Robertson if they could talk alone. Calling themselves the "roosters" of the tribe and the misfits "chickens", Matt tried persuading Troy to join him and his alliance in voting Colton out.

Outcasted by the Misfits

Although initially targeting Colton Cumbie for his perceived weakness and closeness with the Salani members, Bill and Jay reneged on the plan after learning that Colton had an idol in possession, and used it to form a majority alliance. After losing the Day 8 Immunity Challenge, Bill and Jay voted against Matt with Colton's alliance, while Michael voted for Bill at Tribal Council, blindsiding Matt in a 7-1-1 vote.


After Matt's blindside, the alliance dissolved as both Jay and Michael blindsided Bill with the misfits by voting him out. However, the two would go on to still be aligned up until the merge where they were blindsided themselves.


  • Every member of the alliance was blindsided at some point in the competition.



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