Murlonio​ is the merged tribe of Ometepe​ and Zapatera from Survivor: Redemption Island.

Largely controlled by the ruling Stealth R Us/Ometepe alliance, the tribe witnessed the extinction of the minority ex-Zapateras. Their tribe color is black.


 Andrea Boehlke
S22 andrea t
S22 ashley t
 David Murphy
S22 david t
 Grant Mattos
S22 grant t
 Julie Wolfe
S22 julie t
 Matt Elrod
S22 matt t
 Mike Chiesl
S22 mike t
S22 natalie t
S22 phillip t
 Ralph Kiser
S22 ralph t
 Rob Mariano
S22 rob t
 Steve Wright
S22 steve t

Tribe History

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