Mr. Survivor was a post-game event that happened on Rob Has a Podcast. It let the viewers of RHAP vote on who they would like to win the crown Mr. Survivor. It was the male version of Miss Survivor.


The twenty male contestants from seasons that aired in the last year would be eligible. Then viewers could vote up to three people only once who they wanted in the finale. Then the men would be revealed from 20th down to 4th place. Then after the top three would be announced the same procedures, but if someone in the final three dropped out, they would not be replaced or if two or all three a different solution would be issued, but is not currently announced. But after interviews and a debate, the viewers would vote for a winner.


The Final 3 was revealed on February 5, 2014.
Due to inability to schedule an interview in time allotted, Hayden Moss was disqualified from the finals and was replaced for Aras Baskauskas, who had finish in 4th place on the first round.

In his finalist interview, Aras announced his brother Vytas Baskauskas (who had finished 5th in the first round) would compete as a team for the title, as they competed together in Blood vs. Water and this is not reported as forbidden in the Mr. Survivor rulebook.

On February 24, Malcolm was announced as the first Mr. Survivor with 46.7% of the votes. Aras and Vytas finished in second with 30.8% and Tyson in third, with 22.5% of the 9365 votes.


Voting was open from January 18, 2015 until January 24, 2015. The Final 3 was revealed on January 27, 2015, during a live announcement with Miss Survivor 2014, Andrea Boehlke.


On January 12, 2015, it was announced that Rob Has a Podcast would not be running the Mr. and Miss Survivor to not cause more conflict between the candidates following the season finale of Survivor: Cambodia and rest the image of the contests. The contests would be back in 2017.[1]


Year Winner Finalists
2014 S26 malcolm t
Malcolm Freberg
S27 aras tS27 vytas tS27 tyson tS27 hayden bw
Aras and Vytas Baskauskas & Tyson Apostol; Hayden Moss
2015 S28 spencer t
Spencer Bledsoe
S29 jeremy tS28 tony t
Jeremy Collins & Tony Vlachos


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