Morgan is one of the two starting tribes from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Best known for being one of the most dysfunctional tribes ever put together in Survivor history, most of the tribe proved to be inept in the game's survival aspect from the beginning, which also reflected in an early challenge losing streak, swiftly decimating the tribe to five members. After suffering nine days of immense failure, the tribe managed to turn the game around after the rival Drake tribe threw the fourth Immunity Challenge, giving the Morgan tribe a chance to rebound, forcing the Drakes to also lose three members. Their tribe color is orange.


 Andrew Savage
39, Chicago, IL
S7 andrew t
 Darrah Johnson
22, Liberty, MS
S7 darrah t
 Lillian Morris
51, Loveland, OH
S7 lillian t
 Nicole Delma
24, Hermosa Beach, CA
Massage therapist
S7 nicole t
 Osten Taylor
27, Boston, MA
Equity trade manager
S7 osten t
 Ryan Opray
30, Los Gatos, CA
S7 ryano t
 Ryan Shoulders
23, Clarksville, TN
Produce clerk
S7 ryans t
 Tijuana Bradley
26, St. Louis, MO
Pharmaceutical saleswoman
S7 tijuana t

Tribe History

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  • Morgan is the first tribe to feature a contestant who voluntarily quit the game.
  • Morgan is the third tribe (second mixed-sex tribe) to have their highest and lowest-placing members be women, following Kucha in The Australian Outback and Jaburu in The Amazon.
  • Morgan is the first orange tribe to not produce the winner of the season.
  • Morgan is the first starting tribe to have two contestants with the same first name.


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