The Mogo Mogo Alliance was the lesser alliance of Survivor: All-Stars. It was comprised of three original Mogo Mogo members with the addition of fellow Saboga tribemate Jerri Manthey. The alliance impacted the game tremendously, and is known for voting out Jerri over Chapera Alliance member, Amber, due to a failed deal that was quickly made by the alliance's leader, Lex, with the Chapera Alliance's leader, Rob Mariano. This move proved to be costly as Rob went back on his deal with Lex, and the alliance went down in flames.


Tribe Dissolve

Unusual Tribal Switch

Though the contestants anticipated a merge, a tribe swap occurred, switching everyone to the opposite tribe except for Amber. Now on Chapera, the Mogo Mogo alliance knew that whoever won the challenge it would result in a Chapera Alliance member to go home.

The Deal

After Chapera lost the challenge, Rob pulled Lex aside and indirectly asked him to spare Amber, as a friend would do. Lex debated this due to his close relationship with Rob outside of the game. Confident that Rob would repay him, Lex convinced allies Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien and Shii Ann Huang to vote out alliance member, Jerri, instead of Rob's girl, Amber.

The Merge

The alliance merged with only three people, however Lex was confident that Rob and Amber would turn on their alliance and side with him. In the Immunity Challenge, Rob and alliance member, Kathy, both won immunity.

The Deal Backfires

Just before Tribal Council, Rob broke the news to Lex and Kathy that he would not be repaying their favor, and that he would be sticking with his former alliance to ultimately take out the former Mogo Mogos. Lex was appalled and expressed to Rob how hurt he was and Kathy could not help but to cry. At Tribal Council, Rob and his alliance took no delay in voting out Lex in a 7-2 vote.


After Lex being voted out and both Kathy and Shii Ann both failing to win immunity, Kathy was quickly voted out next in a 6-2 vote. Shii Ann managed to win immunity on Day 30, but was immediately eliminated afterwards during the Final Six after failing to win again, dissolving the alliance.


  • Shii Ann is the only member of the alliance to outlast a member of the dominant Chapera Alliance.



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