Moana Hope is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2018) and Australian Survivor: All Stars.

A fan and tribe favourite from day one in 2018, Moana led a blindside on Survivor veteran Russell Hantz, formed many strong relationships, particularly with Sharn Coombes and Mat Rogers, and found a Hidden Immunity Idol. However, a debilitating illness took its toll on her and she asked to be voted out to help the team, but not before assisting them one last time in flushing out Shane Gould's Hidden Immunity Idol.


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Age: 30
Occupation: AFLW Player
​​​​State: VIC
Tribe: Champions

A celebrated and powerhouse player for Women's Aussie Rules Football, Moana made a name for herself on the field as one of the leading goal kickers for Collingwood Football Club.

Now signed onto a new home at North Melbourne Kangaroos, Moana has been one of the country's most exciting female footballers since she was 16. With the encouragement of her father, Moana turned to football as an outlet to help her get through difficult teen years.

"When I was three, my Dad gave me a footy and I didn't let it go from that point. He is one of my biggest motivations in life and in football."

One of 14 kids, Moana's family means everything to her. She is the primary carer for her younger sister, Lavinia, who suffers from Moebius Syndrome, a rare neurological condition.

"I really don't know what to expect doing this. I hope I can go out there with a fighting spirit and can handle all the elements thrown at me but this is something I never thought I'd be a part of and I want to do it right.

"It's going to be a wild time and I just really want to do it for my family and friends to show them they can do anything."[1]

31, AFLW Footballer — Season 3

Back for redemption and a second chance for the win, Moana is excited to get to the island and get started. Feeling that she's got some unfinished business, she's not going to let this opportunity slide by.

Sadly for Moana, she was unwell during her season and left the game feeling like she hadn't been able to give it her all. When the opportunity came to join All Stars, Moana was ready to go. "I'm the underdog. Nobody knows what I'm capable of and in some ways, being sick last time should make everyone underestimate me this time.

"I wasn't able to play as hard as I would've liked in my first season, so I definitely have some unfinished business."

Moana recently got married to her long-time partner, Bella so leaving her and her younger sister Vinny behind was a big decision. As the fulltime caretaker for Vinny, working full time and an advocate for AFLW, Moana always has a lot on her plate.

While her greatest fear on Australian Survivor is being eaten by a shark, Moana knows her more realistic concern is falling for what people tell her: "I can trust the wrong person and can be too nice."

Moana is keen to see some of her old friends like Sharn, Lydia and Mat who she says became like a brother to her last time. They have remained close since[2]

Australian Survivor

Champions v Contenders

Despite losing her part of the initial Reward Challenge, Moana made a strong first impression and fit in with a tribe that heavily consisted other athletes. Her first course of strategic action in the game was getting the move against Russell started. Though the tribe was wary of Russell's history, many were hesitant to vote him off due to his experience as well as his possession of a Hidden Immunity Idol. Moana persisted, attempting to recruit the women as well as her closer male allies such as Mat and Sam.

With multiple agendas in play at Tribal Council, Moana succeeded in forcing a tie between Russell and Jackie, and with the threat of Russell's idol out of the equation, the rest of the tribe except for Damian sent Russell home in the revote. At the next Tribal Council, Moana preferred to vote out Jackie. However, too many tribe members were worried about Damian either in challenges or as a late game threat, so Moana voted with the majority. After that vote, Moana's alliance regrouped, at the helm being herself, Sharn, and Mat.

Moana managed to find a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol during a reward. While everyone else was eating meat, Moana credited her ability to detect the idol clue to her vegetarianism. She found the idol at the Tribal Council where Damien was sent home. Things were looking good until Moana suddenly fell ill. Moana sat out of an Immunity Challenge that would've put her physical ability to good use, and due to Shane and Jackie struggling, the Contenders won immunity. The plan was in place to split the votes between Shane and Jackie to flush Shane's idol out, until Moana pleaded the tribe to let her leave the game. Sharn was able to convince her to stay long enough for the tribe to vote her out all while successfully flushing Shane's idol. Moana finished in 19th place.

Voting History

Moana's Voting History
Episode Moana's
Voted Against
1 Champions Tribe Immune
2 Russell;
3 Damien -
4 Champions Tribe Immune
5 Champions Tribe Immune
6 Shane2 Brian, Jackie, Monika,
Shane, Samuel, Sharn, Steve W.
Voted Out, Day 16

^1 In Episode 2, the vote ended with a 4-4 tie between Jackie and Russell, forcing a revote. Moana did not change her vote on the revote.
^2 In Episode 6, Shane used a Hidden Immunity Idol, negating Moana's vote against her.

All Stars

Voting History

Moana's Voting History
Episode Moana's
Voted Against
1 Vakama Tribe Immune
2 Daisy -
3 Daisy David, Phoebe
4 Vakama Tribe Immune
5 Vakama Tribe Immune
6 Vakama Tribe Immune
7 Mokuta Tribe Immune


  • On October 4, 2018, Moana's girlfriend, Isabella Carlstrom, proposed to her, which Moana accepted.[3] The couple married on August 19, 2019.[4]


  • Moana is the first Māori-Australian to be cast on Australian Survivor.[5]


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