Mitchell Olson is a contestant from Survivor: The Australian Outback.

Mitchell formed a strong alliance with Jerri Manthey and Amber Brkich on the Ogakor tribe. After a Tribal Council ended in a deadlocked tie, however, Mitchell was eliminated due to Keith Famie having voted against him at the previous Tribal Council, and he became the first contestant ever to be sent home via past votes.


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Mitchell Olson is an aspiring singer/songwriter who has traveled around the country performing in various stage productions. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in vocal music performance from South Dakota State University. He is most proud of having the courage to leave his family and friends behind to move to New York City in pursuit of his career.

Olson describes himself as witty, outgoing and (with tongue in cheek) downright all-around, completely and totally, without a doubt, sexy. He is 7' tall, which affords him a slightly different perspective on many things. His perfect day goes something like this: wake up with friends there to greet him; avoid long commute to work where more friends are there to greet him; lunch with friends; avoid long commute home to make a timely dash to the clubs with friends. His favorite television show is CBS's The Price Is Right while his favorite motion picture is Adventures In Babysitting. He prefers pop music, insisting that Britney Spears has a crush on him, although he concedes that it may be the other way around.

Olson is happy to report that his "List of Things To Do Before I Die" is coming along quite nicely (established when he was 12 years old, he is able to add to the list as he scratches a task off). Being a contestant on CBS's The Price Is Right was Number Two on his list—he accomplished that in 1998.[1] He gleefully admits that he once tried out for the Harlem Globetrotters (Number Twelve). Olson actually applied for the first installment of Survivor, and now that he's finally made the show, is happy to scratch off Number Sixteen. According to Number Six on the list, Olson is to run for President of the United States as soon as he comes of age.

Having been raised on a farm in Vermillion, South Dakota, Olson currently resides in Union City, New Jersey, when not traveling with a production. He is a member of the National Academy of Popular Music for Singers/Songwriters. His birth date is March 17.[2]


Starting on the Ogakor tribe, Mitchell had formed strong bonds with fellow tribemates Jerri Manthey and Amber Brkich early on. After winning the first Immunity Challenge, Mitchell's tribe was in no trouble. However, they lost the next three Immunity Challenges. In the first two Tribal Councils, Kel Gleason was sent home for being accused of smuggling beef jerky, and Maralyn Hershey, for her weakness in challenges. However, after the next loss, Jerri, Amber, and Mitchell thought they had Colby Donaldson's vote in a plan to get rid of Jerri's rival Keith Famie. However, the alliance of Keith and Tina Wesson had better ties with him and that created a deadlocked tie between Keith and Mitchell, 3-3. However, due to Keith's vote against him at the previous Tribal Council, Mitchell was eliminated by the past votes tiebreaker, making him the fourth castaway to leave the game.

Voting History

Mitchell's Voting History
Episode Mitchell's
Voted Against
1 Ogakor Tribe Immune
2 Kel -
3 Maralyn Keith
4 Keith;
Colby, Keith, Tina;
Colby, Tina1
Voted Out, Day 12

^1 In "The Killing Fields", the vote ended with a 3-3 tie between Mitchell and Keith, forcing a revote. Nobody changed their vote on the revote, eliminating Mitchell due to prior votes at Tribal Council.



  • Mitchell is the tallest Survivor contestant, at 7 feet (213 cm). Scot Pollard and Cliff Robinson are just behind him, at 6' 11" (210 cm) and 6' 10" (208 cm) respectively.
  • Mitchell's luxury item was a song book.
  • Mitchell is the youngest man on Ogakor.
  • Mitchell became the first castaway to be eliminated over a deadlocked tie vote and the first person to be voted out by counting their previous Tribal Council votes.
  • Mitchell revealed in a Facebook post that during the Tribal Council where he was voted out, he could read Colby Donaldson's vote for him in the voting urn. When he revealed this information to Mark Burnett, the mistake was fixed for future seasons.[5]


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