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Misty Giles is a contestant from Survivor: Panama.

Being placed on the Bayoneta tribe, an early swap sent Misty to La Mina, where she and her ally Sally Schumann began to vy for the trust of younger men Nick Stanbury and Austin Carty. However, the men saw her as the biggest threat, opting to eliminate her on Day 8 instead of weak link Ruth Marie Milliman. Misty also has the distinction of being the first person sent to Exile Island on her season, where she was given a chance to find the Hidden Immunity Idol.


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Misty Giles was born in Valdosta, Georgia. The first of three children in a military family, she moved frequently during her early years. She eventually settled in Texas, where she attended Killeen High School. No stranger to competition, Giles participated in varsity sports and later won the title of Miss Texas Teen USA 1999.

Giles' proudest accomplishment so far has been her ability to support herself through college and earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern Methodist University. She is currently employed as an engineer by a premiere advanced technology corporation and is pursuing a master's degree. Additionally, she is training for her next big challenge, marathon running.

Giles describes herself as highly adventurous, determined and sexy. She considers herself a "tomboy in high heels," as she was once the only girl on her local little league baseball team. She values her faith and work ethic as her best personal attributes. She has a passion for youth and spends time mentoring young girls to help them prepare to be strong and confident women. She has also lectured at motivational and engineering seminars. She enjoys political discussions, running, kickboxing, playing with her two Boston Terriers (Harley & Arthur), and most of all, spending time with her close friends.

Giles believes her competitive nature and natural problem-solving skills will help her get to the end of the game. Competing in the ultimate game of survival and winning are her motivations for taking on Survivor: Panama--Exile Island.

Currently single, Giles resides in Dallas. Her birth date is February 25, 1981.[1]


At the beginning of Survivor: Panama, Misty was placed on the Bayoneta tribe, a tribe of "younger women" which also included Courtney Marit, Danielle DiLorenzo, and Sally Schumann.

The game began with a Reward Challenge on the newly introduced Exile Island. The three winning tribes would receive flint, while the losing tribe would be forced to exile one of their own members. Each tribe chose a runner to participate in the challenge. Danielle ran for Bayoneta and came in last place. She volunteered to stay as punishment for losing the challenge, but the tribe decided that Misty would stay in Exile Island after losing a short tournament of rock-paper-scissors.

Beginning the game alone was not an alluring prospect, but Misty used her time on the island to look for the Hidden Immunity Idol. Misty had proven herself capable of surviving on her own, even unhesitant to eat earthworms. When she rejoined her tribe on Day 3 at the Immunity Challenge, she did not say whether or not she found the idol, though she did hint around that she had ample time to look for it. The women worked together well and came in first place in the challenge, guaranteeing them another three days in the competition.

On Day 4, the four tribes convened at the Reward Challenge where it was announced they were merging into two tribes. The younger tribes, Viveros and Bayoneta, would be disbanded, spreading the fifteen remaining contestants into the new Casaya and La Mina tribes. Misty was the third woman to be selected out of all seven women, and became part of the La Mina tribe along with her Bayoneta tribemate Sally. La Mina went on to win the next Reward and Immunity Challenge. In the next Reward Challenge, Misty shone through as a ball-launcher, helping La Mina win their third challenge in a row.

At camp, it became apparent that the four men - Austin Carty, Dan Barry, Nick Stanbury, and Terry Deitz - were allies. This left the three women - Misty, Sally, and Ruth Marie Milliman - on the outside. Misty and Sally tried to work their charms, flirting with Austin and Nick, the two younger men, apparently to no avail.

Casaya narrowly won the next Immunity Challenge, forcing La Mina to go to Tribal Council for the first time. At camp, strategy quickly heated up. Misty and Sally tried to convince Austin and Nick to vote out Ruth Marie, who they felt was the weakest member of the tribe. However, Terry wanted to vote out Misty, which would separate her and Sally's two-person alliance.

At Tribal Council, Misty and Sally's plan fell through, and Misty was voted out in a 5-2 vote. It was confirmed that she did not find the Hidden Immunity Idol, removing her from the game.

Episode Tribe
Challenge Challenge Type Sit-Out? Result
1 Bayoneta Skull Crush Reward Yes Lost
4x4 Immunity No 1st
Switched Tribes, Day 4
2 La Mina A Reptile Dysfunction Reward No Won
Anchor Management Immunity No Won
3 Cross Fire Reward No Won
Battle Dig Immunity No Lost
Voted Out, Day 8

Episode Misty's
Voted Against
1 Bayoneta Tribe Immune
2 La Mina Tribe Immune
3 Ruth Marie Austin, Dan, Nick,
Ruth Marie, Terry
Voted Out, Day 8


Misty giles family

Misty with her family.

  • Misty has since married and has two daughters.[2]
    • She now goes by the name of Misty Holmes.
  • On January 9, 2010, Misty attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.
  • Misty is currently Vice President of Naval Shipboard Missiles at Raytheon.


  • Misty is the second person to be sent to Exile Island, following Janu Tornell from Palau (where Exile Island was a one-episode only twist).
    • She is the first person to be sent to Exile Island in a season where it is a season-long twist.
  • Misty is the youngest woman on the post-switch La Mina tribe.
  • Of all castaways who have switched tribes, Misty has played the fewest number of days, with 8.
  • Misty is the only member of Bayoneta not to reach the merge.


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