The Misfit Alliance is an alliance that was formed during Survivor: One World. Orchestrated by the so-called "super-villain" of the season Colton Cumbie, the alliance quickly took control over the Manono tribe.


On Day 4, Colton Cumbie formed an alliance with fellow Manono tribe members Leif Manson, Tarzan Smith, Jonas Otsuji, and Troyzan Robertson after being told by Salani member Sabrina Thompson that he needed to attempt to bond with the guys. Revealing to the 4 men that he was in possession of a Hidden Immunity Idol, the men agreed to stick together. Cumbie dubbed them the "Misfit Alliance," due to the alliance being comprised of people Cumbie viewed as "random".

Downfall of the Muscle Alliance

The alliance was rivaled by the opposing Muscle Alliance consisting of their de facto leader Matt Quinlan, Bill Posley, Michael Jefferson, and Jay Byars. Cumbie quickly grew annoyed with Posley's peppy attitude and wanted him gone when Manono had finally lost immunity. However, the other members of the Misfit Alliance wanted to get rid of Quinlan since he was the Muscle Alliance's leader and their biggest rival. Cumbie soon revealed that he had a Hidden Immunity Idol at Tribal Council. Nonetheless, the Misfit alliance got their way and Quinlan left in a 7-1-1 vote.


The alliance soon felt betrayed after Manson informed Posley (the Misfit Alliance's next target) that Cumbie had considered getting rid of him over Quinlan on Day 9. Jefferson, wanting to gain some leverage in the game, informed Cumbie that he saw the two men talking and that they seemed to have a good conversation going. Cumbie informed Manson that his betrayal now sealed his fate in the game. Despite the rift, the Manono tribe won Immunity. However, Cumbie considered giving up Immunity after a heated confrontation between him and Posley. Smith took the most offense to the situation, scolding Manson and telling him that no matter whether he agreed to give up Immunity or not, he was leaving. However, Posley left in a 7-1 vote.

Tribe Shuffle

After Posley's departure, the two tribes learned they would be swapped. The Misfit Alliance kept their numbers on the original Manono tribe, only losing Robertson. Cumbie began to work his magic and got the girls on his side, and ultimately formed an alliance with Alicia Rosa. The clearly weaker Manono tribe lost their Immunity Challenge, and Cumbie, who originally wanted Christina Cha gone, switched his target around to the much stronger Monica Culpepper. The Misfit Alliance decided to cover their tracks by saying that the target was Smith. Monica was blindsided in a 5-2 vote.

The Fall of Colton Cumbie

During the next episode, Cumbie had fallen ill, developing pains in his abdomen, severe dehydration, along with constant vomiting. It was determined by the Medical team that Cumbie was suffering from acute appendicitis and had to be removed from the game for surgery on Day 16. With their leader gone, Otsuji quickly attempted to take the reins as the new Misfit leader, targeting Cumbie's former ally Rosa.

The Merge

The two tribes merged into Tikiano, and the Misfit Alliance began to crumble. On Day 18, Smith pulled in Jefferson, strategizing and saying that it was a good idea for the men to stick together. Jefferson, however, preferred to stick with Byars, Robertson, and the women of Salani rather than with Manson, Otsuji, and Smith. Jefferson approached Otsuji about the plan, in which Smith had included his name despite never bringing up the idea to Otsuji. Otsuji and Smith got into a huge argument over the ordeal. After the Immunity Challenge, the majority targeted Otsuji for his likability and wit, viewing it as a threat. Robertson confronted Otsuji and told him what was going on. Otsuji apologized to Smith, which shocked Smith because of how noble Otsuji was being, and all of the men made a pact to target Kat Edorsson. However, at Tribal Council, Otsuji fought hard to stay in game expressing his disgust that the tribe would get rid of him over physical threats such as Jefferson. Smith took offense to it, calling it disrespectful that Otsuji would throw Jefferson under the bus. Otsuji then brought up the Misfit Alliance's decision to target Edorsson. Smith denied any involvement and stated that it was all Otsuji's idea, once again turning on his former ally. Smith voted along with the majority, and Otsuji left in a 10-2 vote (Manson staying loyal to his alliance).


Although the alliance did not come to fruition until the first time Manono visited Tribal Council, the Misfits enjoyed comfortable control and allowed breathing space for those less-than-physical players. It also permitted de facto leader Cumbie to become more aggressive in his confessionals, leading to a very negative light being placed on him, potentially leading viewers of the show to any self-ignorance he may have.

Enjoying mild success in the game, Cumbie ultimately was the glue that held the alliance together, and without him there was no alliance to control as the members began to turn upon one another.




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