Mika Batchelor is a contestant from Survivor Philippines: Palau.


"I consider myself a Survivor because I am not afraid to meet life head-on and I never back away from a challenge as what does not kill me makes me stronger."

Mika Batchelor is a 25-year-old chef and restaurateur from Palawan. Representing the beautiful islands of Coron, Mika also grew up in the vast, white beaches of Boracay. The beauty of these two beautiful beaches made her fall in love with the ocean and the outdoors. Among her adventurous hobbies are surfing, sailing and rock-climbing. But she faces challenges everyday as she takes charge of her restaurant by herself. "Being a restaurant owner, I really learned leadership by dealing and socializing with people," Mika said. To prepare herself for Survivor: Palau (Philippines), Mika ate lots of high-protein food, fruits and vegetables. "We have a hill in Coron with a cross at the top; it's about seven hundred steps. I run there back and forth everyday for my endurance," Mika added.

Survivor: Palau (Philippines)

Voting History

Mika's Voting History
Cycle Mika's
Voted Against
1 Airai Tribe Immune
2 Airai Tribe Immune
3 Maya -
4 Vlad -
5 Troy -
6 Louie -
7 Cris Tara
8 Marvin -
9 Tara Marvin1
Echo -
10 Suzuki;
11 Shaun Shaun, Suzuki (x2)3
12 Jef Charles, Jef, Justine
Voted Out, Day 37
Voted For
Sole Survivor

^1 Mika received a Cursed Pearl from Marvin on the last Tribal Council, having 1 vote automatically against her.

^2 The vote ended in a 2-2-0 tie between Justine and Suzuki, forcing a revote. Mika didn't change her vote at the revote.
^3 Mika received a Blood Pearl from Suzuki on the last Tribal Council, having 2 votes automatically against her.


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  • Mika is the only female juror from the original Airai tribe.


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