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Michael "Mick" Trimming[1] is a contestant from Survivor: Samoa.

Right off the bat, a twist in the game saw Mick elected the tribal leader of the Foa Foa tribe, which found itself on a losing streak in challenges, due in part to Russell Hantz deliberately sabotaging the tribe. Despite the tribe's losing streak, Mick was kept along because of his strength in challenges. Following the merge, the minority Foa Foa Four alliance held an 8-4 deficit against the former Galu tribe, though the paltry alliance of four was able to turn the tides and Mick was eventually able to make it to the Final Tribal Council, along with Russell H. and Natalie White. There, however, he was mostly ignored and called out for his poor leadership skills, leading him to garner no votes and placing third.


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Mick Trimming (33)
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Occupation: Doctor

Smart, funny, charming and a doctor, Mick is every single woman's dream and every single man's nightmare. At 33 years old, this Idaho import is a resident anesthesiologist at UCLA who takes great pride in his intense occupation. He is highly motivated to do whatever it takes to win the million dollar prize in order to pay off the hundreds of thousands that he owes in student loans.

With all of the stress in his life, he candidly describes his perfect day being one where he is able to sleep in until 7:30 (or maybe 8:00) a.m. In addition to reading trade magazines, he enjoys the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine and the ones hidden underneath his mattress.

A man of humor, another one of Mick's pet peeves is when people cannot admit they are wrong. He also admits that the quickest way to get him angry is to throw dirt clods at him. Definitely a conversationalist, topics that are off limits to Mick are ridiculous situations that people find themselves in, and he absolutely refuses to talk about the sexual escapades of people's grandparents.

In addition to his desire to pay off student loans, he hopes to buy a vacuum cleaner with the winnings. Oddly enough, the wildest thing he would do to win would be to "give a homeless person a tongue bath" but he would never go as far as disabling someone … well at least not permanently.

Currently, Mick resides in Los Angeles, Calif. His birthday is May 10.[2]


Mick was the leader of the Foa Foa tribe, but he received lots of criticism since his tribe was fairly unsuccessful. At first Mick wanted to keep the tribe strong and vote off Ashley Trainer, but after Marisa Calihan was the first voted off instead, Mick just went with everyone else in all subsequent votes. When tribes merged and Mick was one of the last 4 remaining Foa Foa members, he and the other Foa Foa's made an alliance and would then try to eliminate all the other former members of Galu by staying united and disunifying Galu. And that plan worked, but little to no thanks to Mick, as it was mostly Natalie White and Russell Hantz that got everything to fall into place for Foa Foa. However, Mick did win the Immunity Challenge in "The Day of Reckoning", which was key in getting Laura Morett eliminated. Mick would receive his first vote against him from John Fincher on Day 30. Mick would then receive a vote from Shambo Waters on Day 36, Jaison Robinson on Day 37, and Brett Clouser on Day 38, but each of those players would be voted off those same Tribal Councils, and Mick would eventually make it to the end.

Although Russell got some praise for at least playing the game (albeit rather harshly) and Natalie got some praise for being very kind and making friendships with the jury, Mick was pretty much ignored since he didn't do too much and he was considered a poor tribe leader for Foa Foa (despite the fact that all but one of the jury members were ironically from the opposing tribe). Shambo referred to his gameplay as feckless to which Mick replied he did not understand the word, while Erik Cardona told Mick that he didn't do anything to prove himself worthy of the title of leader, was responsible for Foa Foa's lack of guts, and he referred to him as having a delusional sense of false entitlement. Mick received 0 jury votes and finished the game in 3rd place. He lost to Russell who was the runner-up with two votes, and Natalie who won with seven votes.

Voting History

Mick's Voting History
Episode Mick's
Voted Against
1 Ashley -
2 Betsy -
3 Ben -
4 Foa Foa Tribe Immune
5 Ashley -
6 No Vote
7 Liz -
8 Erik -
9 Kelly -
10 Laura;
Individual Immunity
12 John John
13 Dave -
Monica -
14 Shambo Shambo
15 Jaison Jaison
Brett Brett
Jury Votes
for Mick
Second Runner-Up, Day 39

^1 In "Tastes Like Chicken", the vote ended with a 5-5 tie between Laura and Natalie, forcing a revote. Mick did not change his vote on the revote.


Mick with his wife, Ursula, and their daughter.

  • In October 2010, Mick married an Indian woman named Ursula. They had two separate ceremonies. First, they had a Hindu Indian wedding.[3] on October 14,[4] then an American-style wedding[5] on the 16th.[6] They have a daughter and a son.[7]



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