Michelle Tesauro is a contestant from Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Michelle found herself on the bottom of her tribe after their first Tribal Council, and she was voted out after failing to follow through with their plan to win the next Immunity Challenge.


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Originally from Pittstown, New Jersey, Michelle Tesauro is currently single and residing in Washington, D.C. She recently graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in business and marketing. She also participated in a student ambassador program for Pamplin College of Business where she gave speeches to prospective students about the benefits of the attending the school. While in college, she worked as an airport media marketing intern, a lifeguard and, during summers, with the Universal Cheerleaders Association. Her favorite hobbies are gymnastics, stunting and reading. She describes herself as imaginative, clumsy and athletic. She is most proud of participating in the annual Polar Bear Plunge fundraiser where she runs into the freezing Atlantic Ocean every February to raise money for the Special Olympics. Her favorite sport is soccer. She has a pet dog named Reggie and a fish named Rosco. Her parents are her heroes as she feels they teach her how to be a better person. She believes she's ready for Survivor: Pearl Islands because her sense of humor helps her to get through difficult situations. Her birth date is January 16, 1981.[1]


Michelle was initially placed on the Drake tribe. At the Panamanian market, Sandra Diaz-Twine's haggling skills and ability to speak Spanish allowed Drake to gain plentiful supplies. Michelle became friends with Burton Roberts and Shawn Cohen. At the Drake camp, Michelle used part of Christa Hastie's tattered dress as a skirt. Drake won the first challenge of the season. Drake would usually dominate challenges. As an added bonus, Drake looted Morgan often, forcing them into poverty. However, tensions flared as the tribe was unable to vote someone off. The tribe was particular annoyed with Burton, Michelle, and Shawn. Burton proposed to throw a challenge to eliminate one of the weaker members like Christa. The tribe, particularly Rupert Boneham, was vehemently against the idea. However, they went along with it anyway. After Morgan won its first challenge, they were given the right to kidnap one of the Drakes. Morgan chose Rupert to come with them. The swing vote, Jon Dalton, sided with voting out Burton. Michelle was shocked that Burton went home.

After Tribal Council, Jon made it clear that Michelle was the only other person to vote against Christa. Shawn started talking trash about Burton, which shocked Michelle. The Morgan tribe and Rupert won the Reward Challenge, after being offered the choice between going back to the Morgan tribe to enjoy the reward then rejoin the Drake tribe afterwards or rejoining the Drake tribe straight away, Rupert chose to rejoin Drake straight away. The Immunity Challenge implied a gross food eating contest. Michelle had no problem with the challenge and was chosen to act as a decoy. However, she did not follow with the plan when she went up against Ryan Opray, and Drake ended up losing the challenge. Jon was annoyed with Michelle not following the plan. In danger, Michelle lobbied against Shawn, who was lazy and ate a lot of the food. Her plea was enough to get Rupert to lobby for her. In the end, Michelle was unanimously voted out over Shawn.

On Day 19, Michelle returned with the other first six eliminated contestants. They called themselves The Outcasts. Michelle made it clear that they was there for revenge. The Outcasts won the challenge because they had six members as opposed to the other tribes who had five members each and used their cloth buffs to help them in the challenge. At The Outcasts Tribal Council, Michelle voted for her close friend, Burton along with Nicole Delma, however, her pursuit of the title of Sole Survivor came to a close as she did not receive enough votes to return.

Voting History

Michelle's Voting History
Episode Michelle's
Voted Against
1 Drake Tribe Immune
2 Drake Tribe Immune
3 Drake Tribe Immune
4 Christa -
5 Shawn Christa, Jon, Rupert,
Sandra, Shawn, Trish
Voted Out, Day 15
8 Burton,
Eliminated, Day 19

^1 In "What the...? (Part 2)", Michelle voted for two people she wanted to return to the game, while Burton voted for her to return. Michelle did not receive enough votes to return, thus permanently eliminating her from the game.


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  • Michelle was the youngest member of the Drake tribe. 


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