Michelle Chase is a contestant from Survivor: Gabon.

After not being chosen in a Schoolyard Pick and joining the Fang tribe by default, Michelle showed her physical prowess at the first Immunity Challenge. However, camp life caused her to appear as negative, resulting her in elimination at the season's first Tribal Council.


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Michelle Chase (24)
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Occupation: Music Producer

Michelle Chase has been through more in her 24 years than most people have in a lifetime. Not only did she grow up poor in South Florida with a single mother, but her best friend, her father, disappeared from her life at an early age. As a result of her Dad's absence, her mom became the most influential person in her life.

Although life has been rocky for Chase, she's tough and resourceful and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She began supporting herself at the age of 16 and was married and divorced by the time she was 19.

Chase currently works as a music production assistant. She enjoys DJ-ing, boxing and surfing and describes herself as lively, bodacious and loud. When asked how her friends would describe her, she says hardcore, fun and set in her ways.

Besides being mentally strong, Chase has also run several triathlons. She is ready to bring her street smarts combined with physical fearlessness to the game of Survivor.

Chase is single and currently lives in Los Angeles. Her birth date is March 7, 1984.[1]


Michelle entered the game being the youngest female. When the tribes were chosen by a Schoolyard Pick on Day 1, Michelle was not chosen; as a result, she joined the Fang tribe by default. Despite being the last chosen, Michelle was the first female (and third contestant overall) to complete the first challenge.

While on Fang, Michelle created a friendship with Ken Hoang, but mostly ignored the rest of her tribe. After the Fang tribe lost the first tribal Immunity Challenge on Day 3, Michelle was targeted for her negativity about the game and life in general. That night at Tribal Council, Michelle became the first person voted out by a unanimous 8-1 decision.

Voting History

Michelle's Voting History
Episode Michelle's
Voted Against
1 Gillian Crystal, Dan, G.C., Gillian,
Ken, Matty, Randy, Susie
Voted Out, Day 3


  • Michelle is working as a DJ in Las Vegas under the name DJ Soxxi.
  • On January 9, 2010, Michelle attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party along with all of her Gabon castmates.


  • Due to the extended 2 hour premiere episode, her final words and all the votes from that Tribal Council that are normally at the end of the episode were cut out. However, it was made available for viewers to watch on the CBS website after the episode was aired.[2]
  • Michelle is the youngest woman of the original Fang tribe.


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