Mia Galeotalanza is a contestant from Survivor: Vanuatu.

Notable for her heated altercation with Twila Tanner, Mia was eliminated once her alliance was relegated into the minority following Dolly Neely's elimination.


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Mia Galeotalanza was born and raised in Tom's River, New Jersey. She attended Northeastern College in Boston, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. While in Boston, she tended bar for 10 years.

Having moved from Boston to McKinney, Texas, almost three years ago, Galeotalanza most recently worked as a Director of Operations for a technology company during the day and as a waitress at night. She also volunteers at the SPCA (animal rescue league) in McKinney, Texas.

Galeotalanza enjoys shopping, running, working out, playing with her dog, finding out how to make a fortune and "grilling people to death." She describes herself as fun, optimistic and far too inquisitive.

Currently single, Galeotalanza just moved back to Boston, Massachusetts. Her birth date is August 17.[1]


Mia and the other women were placed on the Yasur tribe, where age immediately formed a divide between the group of women. Mia allied with the younger women, Eliza Orlins, Lisa Keiffer, and Julie Berry, while an older alliance, consisting of Twila Tanner, Scout Cloud Lee, Leann Slaby, and Ami Cusack formed, leaving Dolly Neely in the middle.

After losing the second Immunity Challenge, the younger women considered voting Eliza out instead of Leann, as she was getting on everyone's nerves. The younger women tried to convince Dolly to vote with them, but she refused to commit to either alliance. Eliza, concerned about her position in the game, flipped and voted with the older women to blindside Dolly.

Mia was now on the outs, and Yasur went to Tribal Council again after a double Tribal Council twist. Before Tribal Council, Mia got in a screaming match with Twila over work ethic at camp, which bothered the whole tribe. Mia argued that everyone was doing work; just not as much as Twila was doing. Eliza decided to rejoin the younger girls, who welcomed her with open arms and Mia thought there would be a tie at Tribal Council, but Lisa flipped and voted with the older women, eliminating Mia in a 5-3 vote.

Voting History

Mia's Voting History
Episode Mia's
Voted Against
1 Yasur Tribe Immune
2 Leann -
3 Twila Ami, Leann, Lisa,
Scout, Twila
Voted Out, Day 7


  • On January 9, 2010, Mia attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party along with all of her Vanuatu cast mates.


  • Mia was the first woman to be voted out on Day 7. The first overall was John Palyok, who was voted out shortly before her.
  • Mia is the first woman voted out at a Double Tribal Council.


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