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  • Hey Leroux, I've been a superfan since Borneo and I kind of want to leave a precedent on Survivor. US Survivor fans are very receptive with foreign versions of the show and I believe CBS has a watchful eye in successful versions like yours and Australia's. Consider this a low-key pitch for a possible twist for the SA show. Since Immunity Island is currently on hiatus, I'l take this as opportunity to somehow influence the show I love.

    So instead of a traditional final Immunity Challenge on Day 38, why not let the player choose between reward OR immunity. If the player chooses reward, it will be in the form of the juror removal twist. If the player chooses immunity, classic Survivor rules apply.

    By voting out a juror, this eliminated player will not in any way vouch against the winner of the challenge. There would be one less juror to think about, but the person who wins the challenge has one more competition. On the other hand, by sending one more person out, sure FTC will have one more juror, but at you only have one opponent in the finals.

    I'd like to hear your thoughts. Thank you and hopefully you continue contributing to Survivor Wiki!

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    • Hey there, what an incredible idea. If it is okay with you, I would like to possibly use it in Immunity Island, as it would definitely add to the drama in that episode. I say 'possibly' as it would solely depend on how the season will roll out with the players. Thanks so much for the pitch, and feel free to drop any ideas. Always open to hear what the fan community has to say! 

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    • It will be an honor. Thank you!

      If you ever need help around the wiki, don't hesitate to drop by in my message wall!

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    • May I add, there have been many discussions on this wiki and on Reddit about which is better between F2 or F3, so I thought why not make the survivors decide for themselves?

      So basically I envision it to happen on Day 38. It would be a reward or immunity challenge.

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    • An Outcast
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