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  • Any chance I could become a content mod again?

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  • Just saying hi. I am a survivor superfan.

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    • An Outcast
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  • Is there a Turkish version of Survivor in this wiki? Or can I create it when I'm available? I'm also a fan of Survivor.

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  • So I did some digging on Parv's most recent Instagram post and she has confirmed that she spent one of the 3 tokens on a second jar of peanut butter, and I'm assuming that the other 2 went to Danni because they found it. I'd still probably wait for the confirmation from Danni's confessional in the next episode (if she gets one), but feel free to use Parvati's Instagram replies to confirm where one of those 3 went.

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    • The jar of peanut butter we know. What became of Parvati's remaining three Fire Tokens are currently unknown.

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    • No I know we knew about the first jar, but she confirmed on her insta that she spent another token for a second jar. Not sure about the other two tokens.

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  • Hello! I am currently taking care of Expedition Robinson (the Swedish version) and I was wondering if I could be added into being able to edit the Tribecolor and Tribetextcolor templates? :)

    Mostly looking into properly fixing the Swedish tribes all up with correct colors, adding missing tribes, selecting which tribes should have white texts etc.

    If it is not possible, I could probably give you my entire list of things I'd like to edit? x'D

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    • Sure, I have changed the protection of Template:Tribename and Template:Tribecolor for you, but you only have 48 hours to make your edits. If there are tribe colors that are too dark, you may change the text color to white with Template:Tribetextcolor.

      Thanks for your contribution to the wiki!

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    • Thank you so very much! I've managed to change a couple of the latest seasons' colors that I wanted to edit.

      Although I must've been mistaken, as the Template:Tribetextcolor appears to have been locked now compared to the others being lifted. It probably were already unlocked beforehand.

      That's alright, I'll make sure to work it out as soon as I'm able to with the white texts :)

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  • I guess wiki doesn't let you put notes when editing a category, so i'll say here that I'm adding Lauren Rimmer to LGBT contestants because it was indicated on her instagram

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  • In the Survivor Fiji episode guide, there's some stray }'s next to Anthony and Yau-Man's names. Very minor, but it's protected.

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  • [Possible duplicate, first message might not have pushed through]


    I am the one who made the hideous reproductions of the tribes' symbols / buff designs (from /r/Survivor).

    I feel embarrassed to see them on the tribe pages, and so I tried to improve them since. (I actually made them before the Buff designs were officially released, hence the poor output)

    If your team wish to use them, please feel free to do so.



    Dakal Tribe:

    Sele Tribe:

    Yara Tribe:

    Koru Tribe:

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  • I've been changing all of the season premiere headers to match the current ones. Should I keep doing this? I probably should have asked first,

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  • Ep#

    Episode Title

    Broadcast Date

    Show Duration 



    “I Just Want To Fix Your Crown”



    Nico Panagio returns for yet another Season of Survivor SA. 21 castaways from all walks of life are about to start the adventure of a lifetime on the beautiful islands of Samoa.

    The castaways are divided into

    3 tribes: Ta'alo; Laumei and Sa'ula. They nominate a leader from themselves and these leaders get sent off to the island of secrets after nominating who they think is the weakest player in their tribe. 

    The weakest players of each tribe play an integral part in the first reward challenge which sees the reveal of an advantage in the game that might save someone in this game of

    outwitting, outplaying and outlasting one another.


    “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”



    After Tribal Council, Steffi welcomes Seipei into "The Amigos". Tania rubs her tribe off in the wrong way, budding heads with Felix over turf under the tribe shelter. In Laumei, Rocco

    continues to broker conversations about an all-male alliance. 

    The three tribes go to their second immunity challenge where Laumei retains their tribal immunity, win reward in the form of a chicken coup and send Rob to IOS, leaving Ta'alo and Sa'ula to battle it out for the remaining tribal immunity. 

    Sa'ula suffers another tribal

    immunity loss and question whether Nathan's injury could affect the strength of the tribe in future challenges.

    20 are left… who will be voted out tonight?


    “The Gods Have Smiled Upon Me”



    The unyielding weather takes its toll on the castaways, as they battle to make fire and stay dry. A brutal challenge awaits the tribes, but the reward at stake has everyone firing on full

    cylinders. The Island of Secrets throws an unexpected curveball that leaves one tribe reeling.

    19 are left… who will be voted out tonight?


    “I'm Not Gonna Buy This B.S.”



    Twists and turns ensue when the game puts a spanner in the works for the remaining castaways in the form of a tribe swap that, causing a shift in alliances. 

    Nathan and Steffi find themselves

    questioning their alliance when they realise that Rob took their Sa'ula flint with him. While Tania grabs the opportunity to redeem herself with Felix and Jacques when the numbers are in

    their favor at the new Laumei, seeing Rose-Lee and Durao at the bottom of the barrel. Seipei seals a secret alliance with Tania after previously sending her to Island of Secrets, saving her

    life in the game. Rose-Lee and Durao hash out a plan to create a fake immunity idol in a bid to fight to stay in the game. Jacques and Rose-Lee go toe to toe at tribal council.

    18 are left… who will be voted out tonight?


    “It's Time For A Hail Mary”



    Nathan contemplates throwing a challenge to get rid of Geoff, all to Steffi's dismay. Meryl lands an advantage in the game which solidifies her alliance with Dante when she enlists his help. Trust is put to the test after Felix implodes and acts poorly at a tribal immunity challenge which leaves Seipei seething and in need of retribution.

    17 are left… who will be voted out tonight?


    “Let Them Play Barbie & Ken”



    Tania cannot hide her relief after the Felix vote, now an alliance of 4, they decide to call themselves THE BAND OF MISFITS and Seipei stresses the importance of winning from here on out. Meanwhile, there is doubt concerning Nathan's morale in the game. 

    At the reward challenge, Seipei makes a strategic move, sending Nathan and Nicole to Island of Secrets where a pay-off that strengthens The Amigos' hold on the game awaits. 

    Rocco interrogates Nicole about her findings at Island of Secrets and she puts on a show of

    a life which her tribe doesn't really buy while Nathan spills the beans on Ta'alo. A desperate Tania talks about blindsiding Jacques after their immunity challenge loss.

    16 are left… who will be voted out tonight?


    “The Game Chooses For You”



    The remaining castaways receive tree mail that completely throws their strategies off when the game throws a curveball with a tribe swap. 

    New alliances are formed and life lines given to those in desperate need but Steffi is on the outs as she is the left without a tribe and on the Island of Secrets. 

    Seipei gives her new tribe food for thought about the individual game play and longevity in the long haul, much to Mike's dismay. 

    An unsuspecting castaway is blindsided and voted out of his tribe as a merge contingency plan.

    15 are left… who will be voted out tonight?


    “Putting My Foot In My Mouth”



    After a shocking Tribal Council, the two tribes go head-to-head for a massive reward, and one person gets a secret on the Island of Secrets, that can change the game. Blindsides are

    planned and a new alliance rises up. 

    14 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


    “Are You Crying?”



    It's time for the two tribes to become one... Merge! The Castaways get treated to a spectacular Merge feast, but the celebration is short-lived. Alliances are tested and there is a scramble for power in the game. 

    13 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


    "He's Delicious-looking…"



    A shell-shocked Geoff tries to make sense of what transpired at tribal council. The importance of physical strength mounts pressure on a castaway forcing them to reconsider their game play. 

    Tensions within alliances arise as individual immunity solidifies a hierarchy and power struggles in the game. Life lines in the game become a well sought after commodity as castaways position themselves in alliances with the promise that they can pave the way to Final 4 but the vote of a 2nd jury member still looms.

    12 are left… who will be voted out tonight?


    “The Puppetmaster”



    Tree-mail throws a spanner in the works when a twist sees two castaways being sent to the Island of Secrets to duel for immunity, as another “Survivor-first" awaits the rest of the castaways. A giant blindside is planned, but will the castaways be able to pull it off? 

    11 are left… who will be voted out tonight?


    “One Trick Pony”



    Some castaways are upset because they were left out of the previous vote. A big reward leads to some upset Manumalo members and there is an attempt to flush idols. 

    10 are left… who will be voted out tonight?


    “Trouble Council”



    In this episode of Survivor, Jacques feels the pressure from his alliance to play his idol. Power dynamics within the alliance change when a castaway who once felt secure within a majority

    9 are left… who will be voted out tonight?


    “The Biggest Mother”



    Tension ensues after a botched attempt at flushing out an idol causes a major upset in Manumalo and sees a castaway ostracized and polarised by the rest of the tribe. Two castways are sent to the Island of Secrets where a new threat emerges. 

    8 are left, who will be the next to be voted out tonight?


    “The Lightbulbs Are Switching On”



    After a massive blindside, some of the castaways feel on the outs. Plans for a new final 3 are hatched and a fun challenge sees the castaways receiving and stealing rewards. One player is activated on the Island of Secrets and a twist changes everything at Tribal Council. 

    7 are left, who will be voted out tonight?


    “Someone You Can Trust”



     Some of the castaways realise that changes will need to be made if they want to survive and each castaway gets to compete for immunity and reward with a family member...but only three

    will spend time with them….

    6 are left...who will be voted out tonight?





    Tribal council pulls away the wool from a castaway's eyes while a seemingly secure castaway has a target on their back.  

    Only 5 are left, who will be voted out next?


    “Action Speaks Louder (and Reunion)”



    In this season finale, only 4 castaways are left as we recap on the season biggest highlights and blindsides. Who will be named the fan favourite and who will be crowned the  sole survivor? 

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