Merica​ is the merged tribe of Escameca​ and Nagarote​​ from Survivor: Worlds Apart.

The tribe was created when the two surviving tribes of Escameca and Nagarote merged on Day 17. They lived the rest of their days on the island at the old Escameca camp. Their tribe color is black.


 Carolyn Rivera
S30 carolyn t
 Dan Foley
S30 dan t
 Hali Ford
S30 hali t
 Jenn Brown
S30 jenn t
 Joe Anglim
S30 joe t
 Kelly Remington
S30 kelly t
 Mike Holloway
S30 mike t
 Rodney Lavoie Jr.
S30 rodney t
 Shirin Oskooi
S30 shirin t
 Sierra Dawn Thomas
S30 sierra t
 Tyler Fredrickson
S30 tyler t
 Will Sims II
S30 will t

Tribe History

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