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Medical Emergency is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Panama.


Day 25[]

Terry tends to the fire as the Casaya Alliance sleeps. He talks in a confessional about being the last La Mina member remaining. Danielle and Shane hug in celebration of sticking together to the end. Terry acknowledges that he needs to win at least three of the next four Immunity Challenges to get to the final three. The camera cuts to some beans that were burnt. Courtney and Danielle started arguing about the beans. Terry finds it interesting the longer he stays, the most discontent between the Casaya tribe. Terry hopes he is the fly on the wall, when Casaya implodes on itself. Bruce announces that his stomach hurts and tells Shane that he feels constipated. Shane asks if Bruce can defecate, to which the latter says it is hard to even stand. Bruce states in a confessional that he hadn't used the bathroom since just before Casaya went to the Panamanian village.

At Tree Mail, Aras and Terry discover boxes with castaways' names on them. The note itself said to decorate the dolls to castaways likeness. The Reward Challenge was three strikes challenge with the tribe's opinions at the questions. The reward was for an overnight trip to a spa and a feast, along with the right to send one person to Exile Island. During the challenge, Courtney was hurt about what the tribe thought of her. Cirie would eventually win the challenge over Aras. Cirie exiles Terry due to being unwilling to send a Casaya to exile. Cirie decides to take Aras and Danielle along with her. Shane was upset that he wasn't going and Danielle was going instead. The trio goes to the reward, while Bruce, Courtney, and Shane head back to camp.

Cirie, Aras, and Danielle are excited to head to reward. In a confessional, Cirie reveals that she had never been in an helicopter. She reveals why she picked Aras and Danielle and worries that she is public enemy number 1. Back at camp, Shane wonders where does Cirie stands with Danielle. Courtney and Shane talked about the challenge. Shane talks about how Courtney takes things personally and how it hurts her. Bruce reveals he was unable to use the bathroom nor can he eat anything, so he decides to lay down.

Back at the reward, The trio is having a mud massage. Then, it cuts to the trio eating dinner. They talk about the challenge and Courtney's behavior. Danielle says that she can imagine the arguments behind Courtney and Shane. Cirie and Danielle both feel sorry for Bruce being stuck with them.

At Gitanos, Bruce withers in pain. Courtney comes over and offers to sing. Bruce says no, but she sings anyway, which annoys him. Courtney talks about his condition. The Medical Teams arrives and examines Bruce, in which he responds in pain. The condition prompts the medic to evacuate him. He needs Shane's help but the latter was naked. Regardless, Bruce was loaded into the stretcher and was taken away. Shane talks about Bruce in a confessional and states he doesn't want anyone to be evacuated and hopes Bruce is able to return.

Day 26[]

At Exile, Terry stands on the skull. He talks in a confessional that participating the challenge was a joke as Casaya was targeting him since the tribes merged. However, It wasn't a total waste as he seen the inter-dynamics of the Casaya tribe. Back at camp, Courtney and Shane are sitting at the camp fire. Courtney, in a confessional, talks how Bruce's evacuation was the cherry on top on her "pretty poo poo day". Shane then talks to Courtney about voting together. Courtney was reluctant to do but she wanted to be on his back side. Courtney asks if they keep everything between them. Shane threatens to murder Courtney in her Apartment if she doesn't. Courtney doesn't take him seriously. Shane maintains he is serious and will "drive up to her s***** apartment with a club". Courtney insists she doesn't has a "s***** apartment", which Shane yells that he doesn't know the condition of her apartment. Shane kept yelling, asking her why she is so sensitive, while Courtney continues to tease him. In a confessional, Shane calls her a lunatic and an ideal jury goat.

Cirie, Aras, and Danielle return from the spa. Cirie talks about how no one was there to greet them. Courtney tells them that Bruce was evacuated, much to the others shock. Aras makes a confessional about Bruce's medevac, how Courtney was affected by the challenge and Shane, who looked he didn't interact with civilization in days. Shane talks to Aras about yesterday and decides to set himself accordingly. Cirie whispers that Shane was angered and that challenge was not the one to win. Shane claims that he is not with Cirie, but Aras tells him that both Cirie and Danielle are good. Shane makes it clear he is disappointed with Cirie and doesn't want to help Danielle because the latter did nothing for 30 days. Danielle thinks Shane is being a sore loser. Shane tells Aras that he isn't worried about anyone but himself . In a confessional, Aras states that Shane's rant was simply no more that his insecurities and he plans to calm him down and regain his trust. Cirie talks to Shane about her decision to take Danielle over him. It eventually ended with both parties swearing on their kids lives to solidify their alliance. Shane revealed that the rant was strategic on his part.

Day 27[]

Courtney decides to make a tribute for Bruce by using his Rock garden. Danielle helps and talks about her relationship with Bruce and hopes that Bruce is okay. A boat appears. Cirie points out by the clothing that it is Terry, not Bruce. Aras decided to greet whoever it is. Jeff was with Terry. Everyone comes around him and Jeff decides to tell the tribe about Bruce. At the campfire, Jeff explains that his entire digestive system was blocked. Bruce is in okay condition, but he will not return to the game. The Immunity Challenge was cancelled, keeping everyone safe for three more days. However, Bruce may return as a member of the jury if he gets the doctor's approval. Terry talks about how Bruce is a fighter and it is a shame how he went out. During the credits, clips of Bruce practicing his martial arts were shown.


Reward Challenge: Voo Doo
Answer questions about the players in the game, then try and guess the answers most commonly given for the same questions. For correct answers, chop a rope making a torch pivot, until the third chop sets a player's voodoo doll (designed in the player's likeness by the player themselves) alight. Last one left wins.
Reward: The winners will be brought by helicopter to a spa, where they will get a shower, mud massage, and to wash their clothes, along with getting a large feast and to spend the night there.
Winner: Cirie Fields (shared with Aras Baskauskas and Danielle DiLorenzo, exiled Terry Deitz)

Tribal Council[]

Removed from Camp
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Bruce Kanegai

Still in the Running[]

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S12 melinda bw
S12 misty bw
S12 ruthmarie bw
S12 bobby bw
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S12 austin bw
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