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May the Best Generation Win is the season premiere of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.


Day 1

Jeff hands down Buffs to the castaways.

Twenty strangers, aboard two boats, arrive at a beach where they were welcomed by host Jeff Probst. The host then gives out buffs wrapped up with their tribe names written on them. In a twist, Jeff reveals that the castaways will be divided into two tribes based on generation: The Vanua tribe, composed of Millennials with members aging from 18-31, and the Takali tribe, composed of Gen X'ers with members aging from 33-52. Jeff asks which of the Millennials is the youngest, and Will Wahl steps up, saying he is still technically a high school student. Jeff then asks the oldest of the Gen X to introduce himself, after which Paul Wachter raises his hand. CeCe Taylor criticizes the Millennials, saying, "They don't work for anything. Everything is handed to them. You have to work to get what you want." Adam Klein dismisses CeCe's claims and says, "I think when we win the first Immunity Challenge, we'll see who has to work to win." Jeff puts the tribes to their first test: scattered around the beach are supplies they can start with. They will have to gather as many supplies as they can in two minutes. Also at the beach are stations per tribe, where they will have to choose between two items (one station has a hammer and pots and pans, the other has fishing gear and a coop full of chickens). On Jeff's go, the castaways are off to collect supplies. During the commotion, Gen X'er Lucy Huang collected a handful of fruits, unknowingly missing an envelope placed underneath. Jessica Lewis from Gen X finds the envelope and tucks it in her back pocket. While both tribes take the pots and pans over the hammer, the Millennials take the chickens and Gen X'ers take fishing gear. Paul from Gen X explains that fishing gear could feed them long term, while Taylor Stocker from the Millennials explains that chickens lay eggs. After giving the tribes maps to their camps, Jeff warns them about an upcoming cyclone, and insists that they build shelter as soon as possible.

The tribes scramble for supplies.

The Millennials arrive at their camp and start to get to know each other. As the tribe works on shelter, Taylor quickly makes friends with Jay Starrett, Michelle Schubert, and Figgy Figueroa, and admits being "a sucker for pretty girls." Meanwhile, Zeke Smith, who describes himself as an old soul, expresses his displeasure at being tagged as a "Millennial". He says, I'm dismayed I'm with a bunch of Millennials. I'm a 28-year-old, but I never called myself a "Millennial" once my entire life. I'm an 80-year-old man at heart. You know what none of these kids have ever had in their entire lives? A real job." He then is irked by his tribemates taking breaks from chores as Jeff already explicitly stated the urgent need to have a shelter built.

At the Gen X tribe, Paul gathers his tribe around, and tells them they have the advantage because of their life experience. Ken McNickle though warns them not to underestimate the other tribe as they think on their feet. Ken, having lived in Hawaii for several years, insisted to lead the charge in shelter building. As the tribe is busy in assembling camp, Jessica takes the time to open the envelope she found from the marooning. It reads: "Congratulations, you have found the Legacy Advantage. If you are in possession of this note on Day 36, you will receive an advantage in the game. If you are voted out, you must will it to another player." As she finishes reading the note, Jessica quickly collects bamboo and returns to camp. Jessica explains, "This is the first time in Survivor there is the Legacy Advantage. So, if I'm still here on Day 36, I will receive an advantage in the game. And I will be here on Day 36, so no one else is getting this but me."

Taylor and Figgy make a connection.

Back at the Millennials camp, while the rest of the tribe is away, Taylor, Figgy, and Jay solidify an alliance, calling themselves the "Triforce". Figgy admits to her flirtatious nature and that she would gladly use it to achieve her ends. She says, "Back home, I'm the center of attention. I'm a flirty girl and I'm good at manipulating men. People think I'm just a pretty face, but they don't know the brains behind the face. Maybe I'll end up getting a million dollars and a husband." Figgy suggests to have Michelle as a fourth person in their alliance; and while weaving palm fronds for shelter, Jay brings this up to Michelle, which the latter gladly accepts. Observing Jay, Taylor, Figgy, and Michelle bonding together, Hannah Shapiro questions her ability to fit in with the group. Getting a chance to get to know Michelle, Hannah also expresses that she wants to work with her. Michelle states, "In this game, having people trust you and maybe view you as someone who really does care for them, that's very beneficial."

Michelle and Hannah bonding.

At the Gen X camp, Rachel Ako and Paul dig a hole to serve as a base of their shelter. Having a misunderstanding on how deep the hole should be, Rachel bluntly tells Paul that he is not a good worker, which Paul does not appreciate. Sunday Burquest says, "Rachel is definitely over eager. She's overly confrontive. When you're in a group setting, it can just really bring a lot of negativity to the group and people don't like it." Meanwhile, as Chris Hammons and Bret LaBelle collect bamboo, David Wright volunteers to help them, but makes a disclaimer that the outdoors are not his wheelhouse. Chris and Bret laughs at David for covering his ears as they chop bamboo with the machete. David says, "I don't like sleeping outside, I don't like bugs, I don't like the sun, I don't like the ocean. What I do love is the gameplay and that's why I'm here." Finding David awkward to work with, Bret says, "Dave's got to man up. There's girls with more testosterone back at that camp than he's got." While gathering more wood, David notices Ken walking by and thinks he might already have a Hidden Immunity Idol, but both Bret and Chris dismiss David's claims and that David only makes such remarks as out of paranoia. Chris says, "[David]'s scrambling around and talking strategy and I think it's just too early to be pushing too hard."

With their shelter still far from complete, the Millennials take time to swim in the ocean. Frustrated by his tribemates' lack of work ethic, Adam insists they should finish the shelter first. Mari Takahashi stays with Adam and tells him she feels the same. True enough, a storm heavily pours down in the evening, leaving the Millennials drenched and shivering all night. Adam vents, "I think the difference between Gen X and Millennials is that Gen X'ers believe that you have to put in your time in order to get to where you want to be. Millennials don't believe that."

Day 2

The Millennials receive news that they will be evacuated to protect them from the cyclone.

The tribes received an unusual Tree Mail that came with a tarp. The Tree Mail said that their tarps would only be temporary, as they will be returned once they have built their shelter. The severity of the situation worries Michaela Bradshaw, who worries that the weather will get worse. As both tribes set up their tarp, Jeff shows up on a boat. He tells them that the tarps would not be enough to protect them, as the storm warning had now been upgraded to a tropical cyclone, thus forcing both tribes to evacuate camp for the meantime. Jeff visits the Millennials first, then the Gen X'ers. With their personal belongings (and for the Millennials, their chickens), the castaways boarded the boat and headed to base camp, where they were not allowed to talk to each other until they had returned to their camps.

Day 3

The Millennials return to camp after the cyclone.

After the cyclone has subsided, the tribes are allowed to return to their camps. To Gen X's horror, a fallen tree has destroyed their shelter. A grateful CeCe says, "It was good that we were evacuated. That was definitely our saving grace that Jeff made the decision to do that." The Gen X'ers waste no time rebuilding what is left of their camp. David confides to Lucy and CeCe that he is completely out of his element, unable to even break small twigs for firewood. Later, David, believing he would be the tribe's first target, makes a feeble attempt at finding a Hidden Immunity Idol. Jessica and Bret catch him and relayed this information to Chris and Paul. Believing David's paranoia is disrupting tribe harmony, Jessica declares, "If David has an idol, it certainly would complicate things moving forward. So, if we lose, it's going to be David."

The Millennials also find their camp in ruins. Fed up by his tribe's constant slacking, Zeke steps up to delegate tasks for everyone despite his lack of outdoor experience. At the end of the day, Zeke finds the camp more livable, with their shelter complete and being able to start a fire. Surprised by his actions, Zeke comments, "I feel like a milestone has been reached in my life, that I've like become a new man."

Day 4

The Millennials and Gen X'ers duke it out at the Immunity Challenge.

The tribes convene for their first challenge, which is for tribal immunity and flint. Before explaining the mechanics of the challenge, Jeff is pleased that the tribes brought their tarps, implying that both tribes have completed their shelters. As he briefs the tribes of the challenge, Jeff stresses that decision-making is a crucial part of the challenge.

The castaways race to untie their clubs. Chris gives his tribe a headstart by using his massive frame to block the Millennials' way, allowing Gen X to collect their clubs first. Gen X then decides to use their first shortcut, but Rachel struggles to hit the mask hard enough to unlock the shortcut, allowing the Millennials to catch up. The Millennials then decide not to use a shortcut and pass through the next crawl-through tunnel as is, but uses a shortcut to easily cross through the next course, which is a balance beam (the shortcut is to widen the balance beam). The Gen X tribe finds itself using all shortcuts, allowing them to surge ahead; however, using up all their shortcuts force David and Rachel to solve the most difficult of the three puzzles, which has 70 pieces. Having only used one shortcut, the Millennials will only have to solve a puzzle that is ten pieces fewer than that of the Gen X'ers. Figgy and Michelle make quick work of the puzzle, getting ahead of David and Rachel, who then decide to switch with Jessica and Sunday. In the end, Figgy and Michelle finish their puzzle first, winning the Millennials their first challenge, sending Gen X to Tribal Council.

Back at camp, an unspoken consensus was reached that they lost the challenge because of their puzzle-solvers, with Rachel receiving most of the blame. Jessica, Bret, and Sunday all agree to vote Rachel out. Bret says, "At the Immunity Challenge, Rachel tells everyone that she can do puzzles and puzzles are her thing and she screws it all up." Not wanting to be out of the loop, David decides to join them, begging them to keep him around; and to allow him to prove his loyalty, David assures them that while he admitted he did look for the Hidden Immunity Idol, he failed to find it. Bret, despite his decision not being final yet, tells David he should not worry. Having an alliance of six consisting of himself, Chris, Jessica, Lucy, Paul, and Sunday, Bret is confident they have control of this vote, and they could split their votes between David or Rachel in the event that one of them has an idol.

Meanwhile, Rachel is disturbed by the idea of nobody approaching her for strategy. She talks to CeCe of the current situation, but CeCe herself admits she is just as in the dark as she is. Rachel says, "I never actually thought I'd feel like this so early in the game, where I feel like CeCe and me, we're on the chopping block."

Rachel voted out.

At Tribal Council, Jeff notices Jessica's swollen eyes, in which Jessica explains that the strong winds blew so hard that she caught sand in her eyes. Bret describes the cyclone as incomparable to those that hit Boston. Jeff then calls David, who then snappily reacts with, "Oh crap," admitting he is scared of what Jeff might ask him. David admits he is likely to go first, but his tribemates assure him that everyone is on edge as much as he is, particularly Rachel, who has noticed that nobody approached her all afternoon, citing her capacity for confrontation. The topic of the Hidden Immunity Idols is brought up, and Jessica expresses that David might have it, though David is firm that he did not find one. In the end, Rachel's bossiness catches up with her; and in a 5-3-1-1 vote, she becomes the first casualty of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

After Rachel's departure, Jeff tells the Gen X'ers that flint will be waiting at their camp.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Got to Choose
The castaways must race under an obstacle and retrieve a war club. After completing the obstacle, they will have to maneuver through a rope tunnel. The tribes have the option of using a shortcut, thereby reducing the number of rope obstacles to cross. After this, the castaways must walk over a balance beam. The tribes can use a second shortcut to enlarge the beam, making it much easier to cross. The tribes will then carry a crate to the finish. Two members from each tribe will then have to solve a puzzle. If a tribe had used zero shortcuts, their puzzle will contain 50 pieces. If the tribe had used one shortcut, their puzzle will contain 60 pieces. If the tribe had used both shortcuts, their puzzle will contain 70 pieces. The first tribe to finish their puzzle wins.
Reward: Flint
Winner: Vanua

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
S33 rachel t.png
Rachel (5 votes)
S33 bret t.pngS33 chris t.png
S33 david t.pngS33 ken t.pngS33 paul t.png
Bret, Chris, David, Ken, Paul
S33 cece t.png
CeCe (3 votes)
S33 jessica t.pngS33 lucy t.pngS33 sunday t.png
Jessica, Lucy, Sunday
S33 david t.png
David (1 vote)
S33 cece t.png
S33 sunday t.png
Sunday (1 vote)
S33 rachel t.png
S33 rachel bw.png
Rachel Ako

Voting Confessionals

No voting confessionals were aired this episode.

Final Words

S33 rachel bw.png

Survivor is one of the most difficult and brutal social games on the planet. However, I'm happy for the experience, and I hope to utilize it to grow as a person. It's a lot harder to survive the conditions than it probably appears on TV. But for most of it, I ac-- I actually had a lot, a lot of fun.

Still in the Running

S33 rachel bw.png
S33 adam t.png
S33 bret t.png
S33 cece t.png
S33 chris t.png
S33 david t.png
S33 figgy t.png
S33 hannah t.png
S33 jay t.png
S33 jessica t.png
S33 ken t.png
S33 lucy t.png
S33 mari t.png
S33 michaela t.png
S33 michelle t.png
S33 paul t.png
S33 sunday t.png
S33 taylor t.png
S33 will t.png
S33 zeke t.png


Secret Scene

  • Michelle and Hannah Pray: On Day 1, a nervous Hannah Shapiro seeks help from Michelle Schubert in order to calm herself down. Michelle offers spiritual advice and helps Hannah pray for wisdom, friendship, trust, and calmness. Hannah is glad to have managed to forge a bond with Michelle, who she finds to be her polar opposite.[2]


  • This episode marks the first time that the first Tribal Council (excluding First Impressions votes) did not occur on Day 3.
  • After being evacuated from their camps, the castaways were sequestered in two separate tents at base camp for nine hours. This therefore marks the second time castaways have ever visited base camp, following Kelly Wiglesworth who won a Reward Challenge in Survivor: Borneo and was sent to base camp to have a beer while watching the first five minutes of her season.[3]
  • The Reward/Immunity Challenge was named after the Kiss song of the same name.
  • Because of the typhoon, Immunity Challenge and Tribal Council occurred on Day 4, a first in the series. Because of this, Rachel also becomes the first person to be voted out on Day 4.


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