Matthew "Matt" Tarrant is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2016).

Known for his false assumptions of power by castaways voted out, Matt, like Brooke Jowett, Flick Egginton, and Kylie Evans stayed on Saanapu for the duration of the game. At the merge, he stayed loyal to the majority Saanapu alliance but was often perceived as a major strategist, effectively putting him on the outer of the inner core. Once the alliance crumbled, he joined the original Saanapu alliance and was initially in the majority until Flick turned on them at the final seven, placing him on the outs. Matt attempted to get Flick and Kristie Bennett into an alliance to get rid of the power couple, El Rowland and Lee Carseldine. This ended up unsuccessful, as after his ally Sam Webb was voted out, he followed suit in a 3-1-1 vote.


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Age: 29
Occupation: Magician & Mentalist
State: SA

Describing himself as a "professional liar", Matt is a magician and mentalist who can read body language and use clever wording to influence people's decisions, which he hopes will help him navigate the game of Australian Survivor.

From Adelaide, Matt spent eight years working in the banking industry before deciding on a life change and pursuing his passion for magic. He started performing three years ago and is now booking out shows around the country and performing at events like the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

A Survivor super fan, Matt says he won't reveal what he does for a living to many people so he can use his mind-reading skills without people fearing him.

He says: "I have a unique set of mental and personal skills which I think will be of interest to the game and viewers. I also think I am a little bit different to the conventional Survivor characters around my age and have different physical attributes that I think may make me into a little bit of an underdog."

While he is hoping his social game will make him trustworthy to his fellow tribe mates, Matt says it was not always so easy to make friends. "School was pretty tough for me with bullying and a lack of friends. I hope to make my family, friends and girlfriend proud of me by taking part in Australian Survivor."

A huge Port Adelaide fan, Matt has been preparing by running and swimming. But he says: "I could never become the strongest competitor but I believe I am fit, strong and determined. Mentally, I am fortunate that I regularly study, read and research into subjects related to Survivor that will play to my strengths of deception, strategy, and body language. Plus I've been keeping my mind active with puzzles and games."[1]

Australian Survivor

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Voting History

Matt's Voting History
Episode Matt's
Voted Against
1 Saanapu Tribe Immune
2 Bianca -
3 Saanapu Tribe Immune
4 Saanapu Tribe Immune
5 Mock Vote1
6 Saanapu Tribe Immune
7 Tegan;
8 No Tribal Council
9 Saanapu Tribe Immune
10 Saanapu Tribe Immune
11 Saanapu Tribe Immune
12 Saanapu Tribe Immune
13 Saanapu Tribe Immune
14 Saanapu Tribe Immune
15 Kate Sue
16 Sue -
17 Sue -
18 Sue -
19 Sue -
20 Jennah-Louise -
21 El -
22 No Vote
23 El;
El, Kristie;
24 El Flick, Kristie, Lee
Voted Out, Day 51
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In "Episode 5", Vavau and Saanapu were subjected to a joint and mock Tribal Council where the players they voted out (Nick and Conner respectively) were merely switched to the other tribe.
^2 In "Episode 7", the vote ended with a 2-2-0 tie between Nick and Tegan, forcing a revote. Matt did not change his vote on the revote.
^3 In "Episode 23", the vote ended with a 2-2 tie between Matt and Sam, forcing a revote. On the revote, Matt did not receive any votes to be eliminated.


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  • Matt is the highest placing male member of the original Saanapu tribe.
  • Every time Matt attended an elimination Tribal Council (excluding the mock vote in Episode 5), he voted for a woman.


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