Matt Finish (also known as Ringo Starz and Running Down a Dream) is a recurring challenge in Survivor that originated in Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.


Castaways must race across a series of obstacles, sometimes having to collect a bag of balls along the way. They must then attempt to land each ball on a narrow perch. The first tribe to land their balls on the perch wins.


The challenge debuted in Millennials vs. Gen X, where the tribes had to collect their balls from an obstacle in the water and navigate them through a course before attempting to land them on the narrow perch. Vanua fell behind early, but eventually managed to catch up and come in first. Meanwhile, Ikabula and Takali traded positions back and forth, with Ikabula narrowly edging out Takali to take second, winning both tribes reward.

The challenge reappeared in David vs. Goliath as the family visit challenge. In pairs, castaways had to dig for a keyring to unlock their balls, with each person then required to land a ball on the narrow perch. In a closely fought challenge between all four teams, the team of Angelina Keeley and Nick Wilson managed to pull it out and win reward.

When the challenge reappeared in Edge of Extinction, the water portion was done away with in favor of a new leg where castaways must toss each ball into an overhead track and navigate through tripwires to catch it before it hits the ground. After digging under a beam, they must land their two balls on a narrow perch. Despite stumbling numerous times on the first leg, Gavin Whitson was ultimately able to edge out Aurora McCreary and Victoria Baamonde to win reward.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Millennials vs. Gen X
"I Will Destroy You"
Tribal Reward S33 chris tS33 david tS33 michelle tS33 zeke t
S33 bret tS33 hannah tS33 jay t
S33 michaela tS33 sunday tS33 will t
David vs. Goliath
"So Smart They're Dumb"
Team Reward
(Family Visit)
S37 angelina tS37 nick t
Angelina & Nick
Edge of Extinction
"Idol or Bust"
Individual Reward S38 gavin t
Gavin Whitson



  • This challenge has only been used as a Reward Challenge.
    • It has been used as a tribal reward, a post-merge team reward, and an individual reward.


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