Matthew "Matt" Wyatt Elrod is a contestant from Survivor: Redemption Island.

Known for his charm, athleticism and religiosity, Matt was voted out second after Rob Mariano noticed his closeness with tribemate and fellow ally, Andrea Boehlke. He managed to win his way back in the game through Redemption Island, making it to the merge. However, he made a fatal mistake of telling Rob that he considered flipping on him, which resulted in him getting sent back to Redemption Island. After winning his way through the duels again, he was eventually eliminated at the final duel, finishing in 7th place.


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Name (Age): Matt Elrod (22)
Tribe Designation: Ometepe​​
Current Residence: Nashville, Tenn.
Occupation: Pre-Med Student
Personal Claim to Fame: My decision to lead my own life.
Inspiration in Life: I think that there are so many people worthy of being deemed "a hero" in everyday life that are overlooked. So, I'm going to say people who put others before themselves.
Hobbies: Athletics, reading and exploring.
Pet Peeves: People who act out for attention.
3 Words to Describe You: Mysterious, impulsive and deep.
SURVIVOR Contestant You Are Most Like: Any contestant who has played the game with honesty and integrity.
Reason for being on SURVIVOR: I've always wanted to live off the land and I think it would be a fun experience to compete on the show.
Why you think you'll "survive" SURVIVOR: I know what it takes to be a winner.
Why you think you will be the Sole Survivor: I'm athletic, amicable and intelligent. I can also hold my own socially.[1]


Matt was one of the new contestants elated to see veteran player Rob Mariano draw the Ometepe buff. He was shown as a devout Christian, who would play the game with a high degree of integrity. Following Kristina Kell's secret discovery of the Hidden Immunity Idol, Matt became part of Rob's newly formed alliance to usurp Kristina's plans of eliminating him. The alliance consisted of Rob Mariano, Grant Mattos, Andrea Boehlke, Natalie Tenerelli, and Ashley Underwood. With most of the tribe following their idol, Rob, the vote was split according as planned, where Kristina's closest ally Francesca Hogi was eliminated.

On Day 5, despite being faithfully aligned with him, Rob noticed that Matt was seemingly starting to make a budding romantic relationship with fellow alliance partner Andrea Boehlke, a familiar tune for Rob, who was once in that same situation (which eventually lead to his marriage to Survivor: All-Stars winner Amber Brkich). Matt made a more damaging mistake by shaking hands with the rival Zapatera tribe seconds after Ometepe suffered their second consecutive defeat on Day 5. This gesture irked Rob, who swerved the vote to Matt's direction. In the end, Rob managed to turn the majority alliance against Matt, blindsiding him in a 4-2-2 vote, sending him to Redemption Island and also flushing Kristina's Hidden Immunity Idol in the process who played it when Rob scared her into thinking she was being voted out.

However, Matt became an unstoppable force at Redemption Island, winning every duel, including one where he faced the infamous villain Russell Hantz. On Day 19, he won himself back the game, earning him a spot in the merged Murlonio tribe.

After the merge, Matt found himself as a swing vote between the majority Ometepe alliance, and the minority Zapatera alliance. He told Rob he wanted to be part of his alliance still, and that he now wanted to go to the final 3 with Grant and Rob. While Matt easily forgave the very tribe that sent him to Redemption Island, Matt weighed his options too. He and Andrea were offered a Final Four deal by Zapatera member, Mike Chiesl, if they voted out either Rob or Rob's closest ally Grant Mattos. However, Matt decided to follow his honor code and told Rob he actually tried to vote him out, ostensibly throwing Andrea, who was also offered the same thing, under the bus. This prompted Rob to have the Ometepe alliance turn on Matt once again in a 6-5-1 vote, sending him back to Redemption Island, and the Zapatera alliance felt sorry for him. Matt was told a lie by Grant and Rob to vote for Steve Wright, who he was made to believe was the intended target, which would be the deciding vote in Matt receiving 1 more vote than Grant Mattos who all the Zapatera tribe would vote for. Andrea would be the crucial swing vote in voting for Matt instead of her other main ally Grant, and sticking firmly to the Ometepe side.

Matt would continue to thrive on Redemption Island despite Rob purposefully voting out the stronger members of Zapatera first, which would eventually start to worry him. After being blindsided on Day 33, Andrea would arrive at Redemption Island, and get into a heated debate with Matt about his recent blindside. Matt would face especially tough competition in the final duel against Mike Chiesl, the just recently blindsided (on Day 35) Grant Mattos, and Andrea Boehlke. On Day 36, Matt was not able to return to the game for a second time, when Andrea, who was voted out four days ago, won the final duel, sending Matt to the jury in 7th place.

At the Final Tribal Council, Matt berated Rob for his duplicitous gameplay, but ultimately voted for him, putting it down largely to the lack of other respectable options with Rob purposely having dragged Natalie Tenerelli and Phillip Sheppard as the other 2 finalists.

Voting History

Matt's Voting History
Episode Matt's
Voted Against
1 Francesca -
2 Phillip Ashley, Grant,
Natalie, Rob
Voted Out, Day 5
3 On Redemption Island
Returned, Day 19
8 Steve Andrea, Ashley, Grant,
Natalie, Phillip, Rob
Voted Out, Day 21
9 On Redemption Island
Eliminated, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • Matt appeared in the music video for the song You Lie[2] by The Band Perry.
  • Matt is now acting under the stage name, "Wyatt Nash" (a play on his middle name, "Wyatt" and "Nash", for Nashville, his hometown).[3] His landed recurring character roles in Pretty Little Liars and Hollywood Heights. Elrod also portrayed Christopher in the television film adaptation of the novel, Petals on the Wind.[4][5]
  • On August 3, 2015, Matt announced on his Instagram he will be playing the role of Ryan Kelly in the adaption of Karen Kingsbury's novel The Bridge.[6]
  • Matt appeared on the sixth episode of the ABC sitcom Dr. Ken which aired on November 6, 2015 playing a Hot Doctor.[7][8]
  • Matt is set to appear on the 2017 comedy TV series Dear White People in a recurring role as Kurt Fletcher.[9]
  • Matt married his girlfriend Aubrey Swander on September 17, 2017.[10]


  • Matt was the youngest male contestant to compete on Survivor: Redemption Island.
  • Matt is the first person to be voted out on Day 5.
  • He is also the first male to be ever sent to Redemption Island.
  • Matt is the first contestant to return from Redemption Island.
    • He is also the first of three contestants to be sent to Redemption Island twice (the second one is Ozzy Lusth, with the third being Laura Morett).
  • After losing the duel to him, Krista lent to Matt her luxury item: a bible.
  • Though he did not win any challenges as part of Ometepe, he did win the most Redemption Island duels, winning ten of eleven. He also spent the most time on Redemption Island, spending there 29 days of his 36-day run.
    • He is the only contestant to reach the merge without winning a single tribal challenge.
      • However, Denise Stapley reached the merge with only 1 tribal challenge victory and that came via forfeit.
  • Matt was referenced in the Survivor: South Pacific episode "Reap What You Sow" by Christine Shields Markoski, who said "It would be great if I pulled a Matt and returned to the game."
  • Matt is the first of two contestants to return from Redemption Island, but eventually lose a duel - resulting in their elimination, with the other being Laura Morett. Andrea Boehlke, Ozzy Lusth, and Tina Wesson also returned from Redemption Island, but never lost a duel.
  • Matt is also the only person to participate in every single duel at Redemption Island.
  • Matt has the record for longest Redemption Island winning streak at 10 consecutive wins.
  • Matt lost 25 lbs. during his time on Redemption Island.[11]
  • Matt turned down the offer to appear for a second time in Survivor: Caramoan as a favorite.