Matthew "Matt" Dyson is a contestant from Australian Survivor: Champions v Contenders (2018).

Despite being in a comfortable position in the Contenders tribe, Matt's early-game paranoia led to him becoming the first casualty of the season.


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Age: 35
Occupation: Traffic Police Officer
State: QLD
Tribe: Contenders​​​​​

Matthew has seen enough episodes of Survivor to know that being honest is not always the way to win. So he is going to do his best to keep secret the fact his occupation back in Brisbane is a policeman.

"People will either love me or hate me, there won't be a middle. I feel I'll probably be perceived as a villain but I think once I make the final two, people will realise I just stood up for myself the entire way and didn't let anyone get the better of me.

"I want to prove to myself I have the ability to outwit people. I've always believed I am one step ahead of people when coming up with a plan to win and Survivor will be the best place to find out how good I really am."

Raised by a single mum, Matthew says she is one of his biggest influences and who he wants to make proud saying, "She taught me when times get tough, you dig deeper until you win. It's easy to get up and leave but you don't get rewarded at the end. I prefer to win!"

As a traffic police officer, he's also ready to take on anyone who has a go at him saying that he has arguments daily with people he gives tickets to and admits, nobody likes a traffic cop.

A lover of travel, Matthew has spent 7 months living in Africa and travelling to 77 countries around the world, which he thinks will also help him win the game saying, "Most of the places I have visited are in third world countries where most people wouldn't consider going to. The 77 countries I've been to aren't the tourist traps like Europe, that's too easy and I don't do easy."[1]

Australian Survivor

Matt won a pillow in the opening Reward Challenge after a hard-fought match against Moana. Back at camp, Matt immediately brought Steve's antics to the attention of the other tribemates believing he was looking for an idol or a clue. Matt nearly won the Immunity Challenge despite the Champions having a lead going into the final stage, but came up short. Although Steve was the clear target, Matt wanted to know what the alternative option would be in case Steve had an idol. None of the other men would provide an answer, leading Matt to get frustrated and believe he was the backup vote. At Tribal Council, Matt calls out Robbie and Zach as the leaders of a perceived all male alliance and urges the girls to "wake up and start playing the game". All this accomplishes is turning the tribe against Matt, who is voted out over Steve in a 7-5 vote.

Voting History

Matt's Voting History
Episode Matt's
Voted Against
1 Steve K. Anita, Fenella, Heath,
Paige, Shonee, Steve K., Zach
Voted Out, Day 2


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